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What is the purpose of cellular mitosis?

The purpose of cellular mitosis is for the growth of an organism. It produces two cells with identical genetic information, and replaces damaged or dead cells.

Is mitosis haploid or diploid?

Mitosis can be haploid or diploid. Both diploid and haploid cells can undergo mitosis for purpose of replication and development of new cells.

What is the purpose of mitosis in the body?

It is to make new cells.

In what type of cell does mitosis occur?

Mitosis occurs in somatic cells. The main purpose of mitosis is to create two identical cells from one single cell.

What is the purpose of mitosis in animal cells?

Growth, development and Asexual reproduction of cells

What are the purpose of mitosis and cell division?

The purpose is to produce new cells, for growth or to replace dead or worn out cells.

Which of the 3 parts of the cell theory does the purpose of mitosis match the best?

Mitosis fits the third part, that says "All cells come from other cells". Mitosis provides a mechanism for cells to come from other cells.

What is the main function of the process of mitosis?

Mitosis is the process that a cell goes through when it divides into two new cells. The primary purpose of mitosis is growth, as it is through mitosis that an organism goes from a single cell to trillions of cells. In a fully developed, multi cellular organism, mitosis also serves the role of repairing damaged cells. Additionally, there is a third, more specific purpose of mitosis, which is to create cells specifically for reproduction through the process of "meiosis."

What the purpose of mitosis?

To make two new identical body cells.

What purpose does mitosis serve in development and growth?

Mitosis is the process of cell division. If it did not exist no cells would divide.

What is mitosis mainly about?

mitosis has a series of steps and it a part of the cell cycle, but the main purpose is to make new cells

Number of chromosomes in a cell at the end of mitosis?

simply 2 Sine mitosis purpose is to make identical cells as the parent cells. For growth , replacement and repair! :)

Whats the main purupose of mitosis versus meiosis?

The main purpose of mitosis is to produce 2 identical daughter cells while the purpose of meiosis is for a cell to divide and produce 4 gamete cells that are necessary for reproduction.

What is the purpose of mitosis in multicellular organisms?

Mitosis in multicellular organisms allows the organism to have more cells, and to replace cells that died or were lost(like an open wound--blood cells would be lost). This is different from the purpose of unicellular organisms because mitosis in unicellular organisms allows reproduction to create more (identical) organisms.replaces damaged cells such as skin cells that are damaged when you get a cut! - reidellen

What are the cells doing when they are undergoing mitosis?

They are performing the Basic Function of Life - Reproduction.

What is the main purpose of mitosis?

So that the DNA can be replicated and two new cells will be formed.

What is the process by which cells are made?

MITOSIS= it is a type of cell division that occurs only in the body cells (not in gametes (sex cells) sperm and egg) mitosis has a main purpose of growth repair and maintenance its a cell division that produces a IDENTICAL cell. through mitosis cell division new cells are made.

What is the purpose off cell division in mitosis and meiosis?

In meiosis, cell division produces four genetically distinct daughter cells. Mitosis produces two genetically identical daughter cells.

What cells perform mitosis?

Somatic cells or body cells perform mitosis.

What cells come from mitosis?

The cells produced in mitosis are body cells, as in all the cells except sex cells (gamete). Sex cells form in meiosis, which is similar to mitosis.

Which cells undergo mitosis?

Somatic cells (which are all cells excluding sex cells) undergo mitosis.In terms of organisms, mitosis occurs only in eukaryotic cells.

What phase of mitosis are daughter cells in as a result of mitosis?

Daughter cells are actually the product of mitosis. There are two cells made by one cell that has gone through mitosis. Daughter cells are found at the final stages of mitosis, they will then probably go through mitosis themselves and produce two more cells.

Purpose of mitosis?

. In mitosis, there is no variation in the genetic information, so the 2 daughter cells that are produced are diploid. The number of cells within an organism increases by mitosis and this is the basis of growth in multicellular organisms. Cells are constantly damaged, dying, and have to be replaced by new cells. When damaged tissues are repaired, the new cells must be exact copies of the cells being replaced so as to retain normal function of cells. Some animals can regenerate parts of the body, and the production of new cells is achieved by mitosis.

In what cells does mitosis occur?

mitosis occurs in somatic (body) cells.

Mitosis occurs in what type of cells?

Mitosis occurs in body cells.