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The long central part of the church is called the nave.


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It's called a trumeau. Art though the ages says "trumeau- In church architecture, the pillar or center post supporting the lintel in the middle of the doorway."

Hill Center Church was created in 1796.

Roman Catholic AnswerThe political and religious center of the Catholic Church is a person, and He is called by the title and name of Our Blessed Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. His Vicar on earth is the Holy Father, who resides in the Vatican.

Guilford Center Presbyterian Church was created in 1817.

Middlesex Center Methodist Church was created in 1881.

Universalist Church of Westfield Center was created in 1849.

Waterbury Center Methodist Church was created in 1833.

the Sunday that is the center of the entire church is Easter Sunday.

The Islamic worship center is called a Mosque . Much like a Church or a Synagogue it is considered a Holy place that must be treated with respect.

The "center" of the Church in a physical sense is Vatican City and in a Spiritual sense, it is Christ Jesus.

Cochecton Center Methodist Episcopal Church was created in 1892.

First Presbyterian Church of Ontario Center was created in 1914.

The Catholic Church, or simply "the Church": there was no other in medieval Europe, and it certainly wasn't referred to as the Roman Catholic Church until the protestant revolt in England centuries later. The center of the Church was in Rome; the word "catholic" means universal. It was meant as the "universal church", or the church for everybody.

Center Street A.M.E. Zion Church was created in 1903.

it is a minister or church

Since the only church in the Middle Ages was the Catholic church it's center is with the Pope.

First Methodist Episcopal Church of Tioga Center was created in 1873.

its called the church of love.

this guy called calpurnicus from Italy and almost got kicked out of the church because they belived that the earth was the center of everything and that was in the middle ages

The people attending a church service are called a congregation.

yas thiers two one in cape town ind one in texes

The center is called the "heart".

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