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1/8192. If you're in Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum and have chained a Pokemon species up to 40, however, the chance increases to 1/200, but you have to find a shiny patch in order to successfully get that particular shiny.

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How do you get a shiny Magikarp in Pokemon SoulSilver?

It depends on luck. when catching a magikarp, you have a 1/8000 chance of shiny.

Catching golden Pokémon in Pokémon firered?

there is a one and a millionth chance of getting a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon fire red

Where to get shiny Pokemon?

You cant actually capture shiny Pokemon whenever you want and there arent specific places. Actually the chance of someone catching a shiny Pokemon without a cheat code is 1 in a 1000 I think. If you want a shiny Pokemon it will have to be down to luck.

How do you get a better chance of catching a shiny Pokemon?

== == Action replay codes or pokeradar.Use an action replay

Where in the unova region can you get a lot of shiny Pokemon?

In Pokemon, there is only a slight chance that you can find a shiny Pokemon. In Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, there were ways that you can increase your chance of encountering shinys. But since catching shinys depends on a random chance event, there is a 0.01220703125% chance of finding one in any encounter in the wild.

Shiny Pokemon for Pokemon Diamond?

Either cheat them or be prepared to look for a very long time. Finding a shiny Pokemon has an extremely low percentage chance.

What is the easiest way to find a shiny Pokemon?

there is no easy way im not exactly sure of the figures but there is an extremely low chance of catching a shiny pokemon, so just keep on hunting for it

How do you get shiny Cresselia?

you have the same chance of catching a shiny cresselia as you do do of catching a regular shiny Pokemon. If you do want one, you ll have to restart your game a ton until you find one (NOTE you might want to have a master ball on hand too)

Pokemon Platinum where to find shiny Pokemon?

All Pokemon have a "Shiny Type*". There is a 1 in 8921 chance of getting that shiny in the wild. Finding them depends on Luck, time grinding, and patience. find a Pokemon you want as a shiny, and find an area where that Pokemon is most common, and run through grass until you find them. *Note that a shiny Pokemon doesnt have any better stats, only different looks The chance of catching a Shiny Pokemon can be improved if you use the Pokeradar

Can you get a Shiny Pokemon from In Game Trading or do you have to trade a shiny to get a shiny?

The chance of a Pokemon received from an in-game trade being shiny is the same as the chance of capturing a shiny Pokemon in the wild.

How do you get a shiny scoilepede in pokemon black?

There is no easy way of catching a shiny Scolipede or any Pokémon for that matter. They are very rare. You only have a 1/8467 chance of finding a shiny Pokémon.

How do you get shiny pokemon in Firered?

Its a 10% chance for a shiny pokemon

Where can you get shiny Pokemon?

They're all over the game. However, it is 1:8192 chance of catching shiny pokemon. If you want to learn how to catch a shiny, go to: http://www.gamesradar.com/ds/f/shiny-pokemon-guide/a-2007091912145600054/g-2006100415372930075 Hope this helps! ♥♥♥

How do you get a shiny Pokemon in pearl?

Shiny PokemonThere is a 1 in 8,000 (approximate) chance to finding a shiny Pokemon in the wild.

How do you cach shiny Pokémon in Pokémon emerald?

there is no way of catching shiny pokemon. There is only the possibility of you being REALLY REALLY LUCKY to get a wild shiny pokemon. So yeah, there's like a one in 50000 chance of getting shiny. So really really hard!!!!

Where to get Pokemon shiny gold?

If you mean a shiny pokemon, it is random. there is a 1/8192. just keep catching, or breeding them.

How can you get a shiny Pokemon in HeartGold?

All the Pokemon found in the wild can be shiny. There is a 1 in over 8000 chance that a Pokemon will be shiny.

How do you catch shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald?

you have a tough chance to catch a shiny but just go in the grass and you have about 1 in 8000 of a chance but good luckShiny Pokemon are extremeley rare to catch there is a 1 over 8192 chance of catching one. I remember i did a new game once and found a shiny poochyana and i managed to save game now ive got a shiny mightyana. But they are rare and if your'e really luck you might get one of the legendary Pokemon in shiny version but it's very very rare. Sorry again.

How can you get shiny pokemons?

Since the 2nd generation of Pokemon games, shiny Pokemon have randomly appeared. The chance of finding a shiny Pokemon in the wild is 1 in 8,192. In the 4th generation, they introduced an item that can increase the chance of finding a shiny Pokemon.

How do you easily get shiny Pokemon without cheats?

Shiny Pokemon are extremely rare. There is a 1 in 8192 chance of a wild Pokemon being shiny. It is based solely on their stats, and there is no easy way to encounter them without cheating. Red Gyarados is the only Pokemon that will always be shiny. If you do have shiny Pokemon, however, it is possible to breed them and have an increased chance of the offspring being shiny. In Crystal, the odd egg has a 50% chance of hatching into a shiny Pokemon.

What do you mean by 1 out of 8192 chance of catching shiny Pokemon in leafgreen?

When ever you battle a wild Pokémon, there is a 1 in 8120 of the Pokémon being shiny. As in, a random number from 0 to 8119 is generated and if the value is 0, then the Pokémon is shiny.

Can you get a shiny Pokemon from reeding two non shiny Pokemon?

Yes. You'll have a better chance of getting a shiny by breeding a non-shiny with a shiny than a shiny and a shiny.

Where do you find shiny Pokemon in diamond?

shiny Pokemon are in the same place as the regular ones but there is a 1 out 8196 battles chance that you will get a shiny Pokemon

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