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Your chances of getting pregnant are up to 100%. Wrap that rascal!

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Q: What is the chances of being pregnant when partner does not pull up on fertile days?
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Can I still get pregnant if my partner was diagnosed as sterile?

The chances are very slim. When a man is diagnosed as being sterile they are unable to impregnate a female. However, once in a while couples to get pregnant

Your boyfriend ejaculated in you twice during your period What is your chances of being pregnant?

Congrats, you're preggo.Not very likely, but possible. You are least fertile during menstruation.

What are the chances of being pregnant if he used a condom?


What do you call someone who can't stop being pregnant?

Fertile Myrtle.

What are the chances of a guy being fertile if they smoke weed?

That shouldn't have anything to do with their reproductive system.

How do you know your cockatiel is pregnant?

Cockatiels, being birds, don't become pregnant; they lay fertile eggs and hatch them. If you have both a female and male cockatiel, chances are the eggs the female lays are fertile; but to be sure, you can candle (hold the eggs up to a bright light in a dark room) them to see if there is a little chick in there. :)

Can you get pregnant on your third day of being fertile what are the chances?

The egg is not available for 3 days, only one. Only 12% ovulate on the same day every month though. What the chances are we can not say. It depends on age, if there is a egg, sperm quality etc.

What are the chances of getting your period but still being pregnant?

About a 5% chance.

You had your tubes clipped cut and tied 12 years ago what are the chances of being pregnant?

I had my tubes clipped 8 years ago and i so desperatly want a baby girl and a baby boy with my partner is it possible for us to have a baby as my body says I'm pregnant but the pregnancy test says I'm not but my son and partner thinks and believes that i am pregnant if I'm not then how can i give my partner a love baby

If you have polystatis ovarties and you have all the signs of preg can you be preg or could it be fantoum pregnancy and what the chances of being preg?

You could possibly be pregnant. Your chances of being pregnant are high. You can still have a baby with this disorder.

Chances of being pregnant if you got menstruation after?


What are the chances of getting pregnant 5 days before period?

The chances are very small, on average. However, theoretically, you can still be in your fertile window and the shorter your average cycle the higher the probability of conception. As an example, for a 27 days cycle the probability of being in the fertile window on day 22 (i.e. 5 days before the start of your new cycle) is 4%. This does not mean you have a 4% chance of getting pregnant, you have 4% chance to be in the fertile window. As a comparison, on day 11, the probability of being in the fertile window would be 70%. To be sure about your fertile and infertile days it is advisable to keep track of an ovulation calendar. You can use it to conceive but also for natural family planning (to prevent conception).

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