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When the vehicle gets older, like your and my 2000 Foresters, it is much more important to change the fluid than the filter. Never changed the filter in my '96 Outback in the 210,000 miles I owned it. I changed the spin-on filter in my Forester when I first got it because the fluid showed signs of being overheated. If you want your transmission to last a long time be sure to change the fluid at least once a year. Just remove what comes out when you open the drain plug on the bottom of the transmission and replace with fresh Dexron. Should be about 4 quarts.

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2008-08-19 10:19:23
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Q: What is the change interval for the transmission filter on a 2000 Subaru Forester T-25?
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The transmission doesn't have a light. It functions just fine in the dark.

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Just like changing engine oil only in a different location and with different oil.

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Remove the plastic shield marked: "oil filter and oil drain" on the splash guard under the motor.Easy to reach easy to change.

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I got the outer bearing and having problems removing the inner?

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