What is the character of college students in the middle ages?

College students varied as much in those days as they do now, except that few of them were from working class families. There was variation based on time, since universities were around starting in 1088 and the Middle Ages lasted until about 1450 or 1500. There was variation based on place, as there were universities all over Europe. Universities of the Middle Ages included some that were basically commercial, such as the University of Bologna, where the teachers were paid directly by students, some that were state run, such as Oxford and Cambridge, and some that were run by the Church, such as the University of Paris; there was variation based on who paid.

But one thing is certain; we still have some of the medieval students' drinking songs. Gaudeamus Igitur is based on a thirteenth century song poking fun at university life and recommending that a young person should have as much fun as possible. It says what any male college student might, "Long live all girls, easy and beautiful!" There link to an article on Gaudeamus Igitur, below, which gives the full text.