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Prices may vary depending on the time of year but typically the cheapest place to stay, for Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida is typically The Campsites at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resorts. The drawback (as some might see it) to that is you are literally camping. You provide your own accommodations, either a tent or RV and Disney simply supplies a site in which to either pitch your tent or park your camper.

For Disneyland in California it appears to be Disneyland Hotel, however there are Disney approved hotels in the area that are most likely cheaper.

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Q: What is the cheapest Disney resort?
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One can purchase a getaway at a Disney resort by visiting the Disney website and booking a trip. One can make it cheaper by selecting the cheapest options available and limiting other spending.

Can you have a Disney dining plan if you're not stying at a Walt Disney World resort hotel or resort?

No, you must be staying at a Disney property. This can be one of their resort hotels, or it can be at a Disney Vacation Club resort.

Where do you get a W9 for Walt Disney Resort?

you call the Walt Disney resort and ask for it.

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Is there a Disney World in Barcelona Spain?

No, unfortunately there is not a Disney World in Barcelona, Spain. But there is also many other Disney locations throughout the world. Such as Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, USA, Disneyland Resort in California, USA, Disney Resort in Hawaii, USA, Disneyland Resort in Paris, France, Disney Resort in Shanghai, China, Disneyland Resort in Hong Kong, China, & Disney Resort in Tokyo, Japan. Have a MAGICAL day!

How many acres is Disney World resort?

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Across from Disney's Port Orleans Resort at Walt Disney World is a luxury pet "resort". But I don't think they allow dogs in Disney proper.

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