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cell phone

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Q: What is the cheapest electronic device that will allow access to email from a remote location?
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What is meant by the term electronic eavesdropping?

placing a high tech device in a location to have access to what goes on there (also called "bugging")

What is access point?

An access point is a point of acces for an electronic device to connest to the internet, such as a laptop or mobile phone.

Why did the ENIAC have flashing lights?

Assuming that you mean the early electronic computer. lights were the cheapest and easiest to implement output and status device.

Why don't you call computer is an electronic device?

it is a electronic device

Computer is an electronic device?

Yes, a computer is considered to be an electronic device.

What is a wireless access point?

A wireless access point is the point where an electronic device connects to the wireless internet or wifi. It could be a connection from an internet service provider

Why computer called an electronic device but not electronic instrument?

Because an electronic device is a mechanism or electronic instrument therefore there is no reason to call it an electronic instrument..

Example of an electrical and electronic device?

An example of an electrical device is a switch. An example of an electronic device is your computer.

What is a electronic device used for processing data?

An electronic device used for processing data.

Why computer is electronic device or not electrical device?

because electronic device includes integrated circuit(ic),gates, so on.and the computer used these devices so this is the reason computer is a electronic device.......

Computer is an device?


What is the best electronic reading device?

i think the best electronic reading device is the amazon kindle.

What is an electronic device that can store charge?

Simply put, an electronic device that stores charge is a capacitor.

Is a telephone an electronic device?

Yes, a telephone is an electronic device. Sound waves are transmitted electronically.

What is computer shoulder surfing?

The practice of spying on the user of a computer (or other electronic device) in order to obtain their personal access information.

Is a gps considered a portable electronic device?

A hand held GPS is certainly a portable electronic device.

What is the common example in the electronic device?

A simple pn-junction diode is the common example of a electronic device.

What is an electronic device?

The device which uses electricity to run.

What kind of a device is a computer?

computer is a electronic device

What is Electronic device?

The device which uses electricity to run.

Why computer is an electronic device not electronic machine?

Computer is an electronic machine not as electronic device rather electronic devices such as Hard Disk Drive, DVD Drive, Keyboard, Mouse constitute components of Computers.

Is an electronic whiteboard an input device or an output device?


What does electronic device mean?

A device that accomplishes its purpose electronically.

Are all electronic device are computer?

NO.Electronic device - a device that uses electricityComputer - a programmable electronic device designed to carry out a sequence of instructions (may not be user-programmable)A light is a device that uses electricity, but certainly isn't a computer. Thus not all electronic devices are computers.Electric digital alarm clocks are electronic devices -- they are programmable in the sense that they can be set by the user to ring at a given time, but there is no sequencing, and thus not a computer.A pocket calculator is a simple example of an electronic device that is also a rudimentary computer.

Serial access secondary storage device?

name one access secondary device?