What is the cheapest you can get the whole Naruto series one for and where?

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In Naruto
Overal that depents on how long you shop around for the item you're looking for. Also where you live and the supply and demand for the item. Value and prices on anything and everything are always changing. One factor would included if you're shopping for a new or used item. You have to check different sources and compare their prices. Also don't forget to include things like sales tax or shipping and handling. I suggest ebay.com That's usualy where I find my best deals on animes!
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Will Sasuke from the Naruto series die?

i think sasuke wont die because it wouldn't make sense and as we all know naruto is the only one who by right should kill sasuke. my point is that why didnt sasuke take his brother's eyes. this was done so that in the end he would be be blinded by the sharingan (like itachi said that the sharingan ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of Konohamaru in the Naruto series?

Answer the meaning of konohamaru in the naruto story is probably this: he is like a reincarnation or twin of naruto. when konohamaru grows up, he'll restart naruto's entire adventures but only different and this shows since he is the third hokage's son. this will redirect your question though: DO ( Full Answer )

How long is the Naruto series?

A: . Naruto is currently split into 2 parts of the same series. The first is 244 completed chapters. The second series Naruto Shippuden is currently at 451 complete chapters.... but no end in sight for the manga series.

Who is Kabuto on the manga series Naruto?

Answer . Kabuto is Orocumarus servant but after Sauske seals orocumaruinside himself Kabuto desides to take of where orocumaru left ofand now he is even more dangerous than orochumaru because inepisode 323 he renimated Madara and made him even stronger than heever was, so in other words he was a se ( Full Answer )

Who is Shion in the Naruto series?

Shion Shion is not actually from the Naruto series,she's from "Naruto Shippuden:The Movie. She's a princess who Naruto has to guard,she is able to predict things,and she predicts Demons are coming to get her,not much is known about Shion right now,but until the Naruto Shippuden Movie comes out,this ( Full Answer )

Who is Sakon in the manga series Naruto?

Answer . Sakon is one of Orochimaru's servants that bring Sasuke to Orochimaru. He is a man that has another person in him, who's name is Ukon, and is often showed with a head growing out of the back of his neck. In demon form, both heads are shown right next to each other. Ukon has the ability t ( Full Answer )

Who is Tayuya in the manga series Naruto?

Tayuya . Country: Sound. Age: 14. Height: 148.2 cm. Weight: 38.2 kg. Birthday: February 15. Bloodtype: A. Appearance: Vo. 13, Chap. 115, Page 174. Tayuya is one of Orochimaru's loyal servants,Along with: Jiroubo,Sakon & Ukon,Kimimaro,And Kidomaru.She is foulmouthed which is why she is bera ( Full Answer )

When will the Naruto series end?

Hopefully, Never. To improve the previous answer, Misashi Kishimoto has not yet set a date for the Naruto series finale, but with all that's going on in the series I think it will be a few years until the series will stop.

How strong is Sasuke from the Naruto series?

ANSWER: It depends on your definition of 'strong.' He is talented, yes, and very powerful, but by Naruto's definition, (although he never believed it,) Sasuke is WEAK. True strength comes from your ability to use your power to protect the people you care about, so that when they are in danger yo ( Full Answer )

Why is kisame from the Naruto series blue?

Because Kisame is supposed to look like a Shark since he came from the Village Hidden in the Mist in the Water Country and sharks live in Water and Sharks are blue. not 100% correct my firend he most peopel form that village do not look like hsarks i think it is a part of his jutsu like kakuzus ( Full Answer )

How will the Naruto series end?

There is a good chance Naruto will become Hokage, for it has been one of Naruto's main focuses throught the manga. Sasuke may die, or come back to Konoha. but no-one knows, i think the manga is far from being almost finished. \n

Who is the coolest ninja in the Naruto series?

I think is Gaara, Sasuke and........What am I talking about??? They both are the coolest! They have their own jutsus which is why they are cool in a different way! Anko Mitarashi and Sasuke Uchiha!!!!!!!^_^ SHIKAMARU is the coolest ninja ...........and he has his clans jutsus like hsadow posation. ( Full Answer )

Is the Naruto series over?

No, it is not. It's still going on, it probably won't end until the manga finishes.

Will there be another naruto series?

Japan will always premiere first with any addition to new Naruto series and it usually will reach American audiences wihin 2 years or so depending on how company rights are reserved. This topic is for the Anime series. The Manga series are far easier to retain publishing rights, compared with visua ( Full Answer )

Naruto abridged series?

The Naruto Abridged series is a comical parody of the original Naruto Series. The makers used either themselves or voice actors along with scenes from the series. Much like you would do if you wanted to dub an anime from Japanese to English

Where do the Naruto movies come in at in the series?

they come in between some of the major events where nothing really happens. like 2nd movie was sometime after the chunin exams and the 1st one is sometime after zabuza or w.e they come in between some of the major events where nothing really happens. like 2nd movie was sometime after the chunin exam ( Full Answer )

What is the series after Naruto Shippuden called?

There will be a canon series for Naruto Shippuden. Too many wereconvinced that there wasn't going to be another series, but itdoesn't have a known name yet, according to the source. All we knowis that Naruto Shippuden will be like Dragonball Z and go canon.(there will not be a manga to support Narut ( Full Answer )

How does the Naruto series end?

No one knows, because it hasn't ended yet! But it might end with sasuke dying or coming back to konoha, or Naruto becoming Hokage, or some other big event that will change the leaf village for the better or worse.. \n

Will there be a third series of naruto?

i don't think so. Technically, there really isn't a third series. If you read the manga, you'll notice that the shippuden series doesn't even exist. It's just to clarify that the characters are a bit older on the show.

How many villages are there in Naruto series?

The Five Great Shinobi Countries . Lower Shinobi Countries . Water Country - Mizu no Kuni ~ Hidden Mist Village - (Kirigakure no sato) ~ Mizukage (Water Shadow) . Rain Country - Ame no Kuni ~ Hidden Rain Village - (Amegakure no sato) . Lightning Country - Kaminari no Kuni ~ Hidde ( Full Answer )

Naruto is not gay in the series but on a website?

No, He is not GAY ANYWHERE! It's just that people like to think that he is gay and post it everywhere because they like Yaoi and can't accept the fact that HE IS NOT GAY.. how could u say that? there's no evidence to support it. and if u say that he like Sakura, why is it that Sasuke is always on h ( Full Answer )

Is there another series of Naruto after Shippuden?

In volume 28, the start of Shippuuden in the manga, Kishimoto says that Shippuuden is the middle, so it is very likely that there will be another series afterwards, probably about him when he becomes hokage or somwthing. Plus I don't think it's appropiate to leave him as a 16 year old :] I want it t ( Full Answer )

Does Sakura die in the Naruto series?

sakura will not die in the series of naruto. but its unknown if she does in naruto shippuden. SHE COULD IN SHIPPUDEN BUT SHE'S A MAIN CHARITOR. BY. Answerwolfman

In the Naruto series who is haiate?

I think you might mean Hayate and if you do than he was the exam proctor for the priliminary round right before the third chunin the chunin exams. ( the one who coghes alot.)

Will there be a new Naruto series?

Naruto will have a new series. Its called Naruto Shippuden or Naruto Hurricane Chronicles. This is 2.5 years after the end of the first naruto series. I doubt there will be one after that though.

How strong is Naruto from the Naruto series?

At the start of the Naruto series he is weak and a bit of a dunce but as the series progresses he gains the control of a red chakra from the nine-tailed demon (Kyuubi) sealed inside of him. Naruto has many weaknesses and few strengths. His best attack form is Taijutsu (hand-to-hand combat) but even ( Full Answer )

What are the series after Naruto Shippuden?

i dont think there is one yet but if there is then it will probably be on when they were in the ninja academy or "about 20 years later" series. i dunno. this is only a guess.

Is the Naruto Shippuden series over?

no now there is older naruto, sauskay ect..... we just have to wait 4 English version to catch up to japen naruto rulles

Will Naruto have a new series in us?

There is a new series going already. It's called Naruto Shipudden there are currently 4 episodes online already. The next episodes won't be released until October, so you will have to be patient since Naruto does not show on television anymore but is being released in box sets and on Itunes

Who are the voice actors of the Naruto series?

The English voice actors for Naruto are: Maile Flanigan as Naruto Uzumaki Kate Higgins as Sakura Haruno and Udon Yuri Lowenthal as Sasuke Uchiha Tom Gibis as Shikamaru Nara Robbie Rist as Choji Akimichi Colleen O'Shaughnessey as Ino Yamanaka, Konohamaru Sarutobi, and Hanabi Hyuga Step ( Full Answer )

What is the whole series of a series of unfortunate events?

Total: 13 The Bad Beginning The Reptile Room The Wide Window The Miserable Mill The Austere Academy The Ersatz Elevator The Vile Village The Hostile Hospital The Carnivorous Carnival The Slippery Slope The Grim Grotto The Penultimate Peril The End

What is the whole name of temari in naruto?

Their last names are unknown, but Gaara last name is Gaara of the Desert or Gaara of the Sand because of his abilities to munipulate sand from the Shakaku.. That's pretty much about him....

What are the naruto series power levels?

NARUTO Zabuza and Haku arc naruto-30 sasuke- 40 sakura-20 kakashi regular- 400 Zabuza- 395 Haku- 420 Zabuza second Fight naruto with training- 130 sasuke with training- 150 sakura with training- 90 Kakashi with sharingan- 620 Kakashis lightning blade- 800 sasuke with partial sharinga ( Full Answer )

What is the basis for Naruko is the Naruto series?

Well he is the Jinchuuriki of the Nine Tailed Demon fox. And the series is about Naruto proving he is not a monster but sure enough, a hero. Think of Gaara in Shippuden series. He is the Jinchuuriki of the one tails and he became the Kazekage. Naruto wants to be the Hokage of the Hidden leaf village ( Full Answer )

Who is Ao in the naruto series?

Ao is the ninja of the hidden mist and was appointed as the bodygaurd by the mizukage for the five kage summit.

When is the naruto series going to end?

So far, it is announced by SaiyanIsland.com that the manga is at"its final phase" according to Masashi Kishimoto. It is known thatthe Naruto manga series will officially end from 2014 - 2015.

What is the whole story about the Naruto series?

So pretty much everything started with Rikudo Sennin the first sage of the six paths (to be the sage of six paths you have to have the rinnegan and have the physical strength) and the sage of the six paths is supposed to be a descendent of god to bring peace to the world..... And well after he seale ( Full Answer )