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The chemical formula for inorganic acids normally begin with H(x).

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This is a very undefined question as there are an almost infinite number of reactants and resulting products. All acids begin with an H+ ion. If the acid is reacting with water, a hydronium ion can form. If the acid is reacting with a base, water and a salt are formed.

"ch4" is not a proper chemical formula, because the atomic symbol for each element must begin (and may end) with a CAPITAL letter. The chemical formula CH4 contains 5 atoms, one of carbon and four of hydrogen.

It's the chemical breakdown of food into simpler compounds. Proteins are broken down to amino acids, carbohydrates are broken down to simple sugars, and fats are broken down to fatty acids and glycerol. Chemical digestion does begin in the mouth. Salivary amylase starts hydrolyzing starch the second you put in into your mouth. BUT, the vast majority of chemical digestion takes place in the duodenum and jejunum portions of the small intestine.

Most of the vegetable oils are called triglycerides. The chemical formula for a triglyceride is RCOO-CH2CH(-OOCR')CH2-OOCR", where R, R', and R" are longer alkyl chains. The three fatty acids RCOOH, R'COOH and R"COOH can be all different, all the same, or only two the same. In brominated vegtable oils, the hydrogens on the chain are replaced by bromine. For instance take a common triglyceride with chemical formula C55H98O6. After being brominated it could be Br6C55H92O6. Not all sites are replaced by bromine, it depends on contact time and temperature and the oil you begin with. Lots of variables.

inorganic. Organic acids end in the formula -COOH like ethanoic (acetic) acid CH3COOH. Inorganic acids begin with H like Hydrochloric HCl Nitric HNO3 Sulphuric H2SO4 This is a convention in writing, but pretty widely used.

The names of binary acids do not begin with bi. The names of binary acids being with the "hydro" prefix, then the root of the nonmetal element, then they end with "ic".

A formula must begin with the equal sign (=).

Type = (equal sign) to begin a formula on a spreadsheet.

The salivary glands in the mouth secrete enzymes in saliva that begin chemical digestion.

To begin with, amino acids have a certain structure which means there can be two versions of exactly the same chemical. Because of their shapes, only one can be used in nature and so the other is never created (nor has any ability to make them ever developed). Others require particular conditions to be formed; for a couple of amino acids, these conditions are not met.

Acids and enzymes are what begin the process of "digesting" our food. Saliva supplies many of the enzymes, the stomach supplies the acid.

Historians normally "begin" the date in 1961.

Aluminum and Arsenic are chemical elements. They begin with the letter A.

Yes. The E and the I both have short I sounds (you don't normally hear "be" in begin).

the asterisk is used for what function when building a formula in excel

The stomach secretes hydrochloric and acid pepsinogen to begin the chemical break down of food.

Yup! You can start a sentence with any adverb.

Formula One began out of previous Grand Prix racing. The Formula in Formula one is the allowed specification for cars to race in this class.

Gadolinium, Gallium, Germanium and Gold are chemical elements. They begin with the letter g.

There are no chemical elements that begin with the letter w. There are chemical elements that begin with all letters except J, Q and W.

Like human, the chemical digestion of food begins in the mouth of the rat.

depends what you are trying to do and loads of stuff dose a chemical reaction.

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