What is the chemical formula for molten lava?


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Lava is not a single chemical; it is molten stone, and there are many different kinds of chemicals, each with their own formula, which can be present in lava.

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The chemical formula is the same - NaCl.

No. Lava is molten rock. Fire is a chemical reaction between oxygen and a flammable substance.

Lava is molten rock, but not all molten rock is lava. Molten rock is called lava if it is above ground and magma if it is below ground.

molten because it is a description of hot lava

Streams of molten lava out of a volcano are called 'lava flows'.

There is no chemical equation as the solidification of lava is a physical process.

Fire is a chemical reaction between oxygen an a flammable substance such as wood or oil. Lava is molten rock.

No. By definition a mineral is solid. When lava cools into rock its chemical components form multiple different minerals.

Magma or lavaLava is molten rock. Magma is a mixture of molten rock and solids.

Different types of lava have different chemical compositions. Since not all rocks have the same chemical composition and lava is just liquid rock, it does not have an official formula. Most rocks (and therefore lava) are made up of a combination of the elements Oxygen, Silicon, Aluminum, Iron, Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, and Magnesium. Different types of rocks (and lava) have different amounts of these elements. Therefore, there is not a specific chemical formula for lava.

No. Lava is molten rock.

Lava is already molten.

Molten rock is called lava when it is at the surface and magma when it is underground.

Most likely an igneous rock can withstand molten lava.

Lava and magma are the same because they're both molten rock Magma is molten rock inside the earth and lava is molten rock on the earth's surface

molten lava can turn into molten rock

295 calories are in chocolate molten lava cake :)

A product of the solidification of magma or molten lava is igneous rock.

Technically, magma and lava are the same. They are both molten rock, the "difference" is that lava is molten rock flowing above ground and magma is molten rock flowing underground.

Molten lava is very dangerous.

The molten hot lava was hardening.

Lava is made of the same chemical components that are found in many rock types (mostly silica and various metal oxides), only it is in a superheated, molten form. When the lava cools, the chemical components form the appropriate rock.

No, "lava" is not a fire; lava is molten stone.

magma is molten rock that is still underground and lava is molten rock that is above ground

Magma is molten rock inside the Earth, and lava is molten rock outside the Earth.

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