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The chemical released during lying is catecholamines


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Someone is lying to you when they are not acting the same as they usaully do.

Someone Like Me - 1994 The Lying Game 1-1 was released on: USA: 14 March 1994

The Invention of Lying was released on 10/02/2009.

nerolinguistics is the study of if someone is lying

Chronic lying is a sign of sociopathy.

Perjury is to lying as homicide is to killing someone.

lying means someone is deceiving you, cheating however is someone purposely betraying you.

The Lady K and JC Show - 2013 How to Tell When Someone Is Lying - 1.4 was released on: USA: 5 February 2013

You can detect if someone is lying is if they do not look into your eyes when they are talking to you about stuff. However if thelier is good at acting then all you could do is catch them in what ever they are lying about.

MDMA is an abbreviation for 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine which is one single chemical. (C11H15NO2) Just like Water is name for the chemical dihydrogenmonoxide. (chemical formula: H2O) Ecstasy is the name for 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA for short) (Chemical formula: C11H15NO2) They are their own chemicals. For example if someone gives you a bottle of alcohol and calls it water they are lying or they don't know what water is, just like if someone gives you something that isn't MDMA and call it Ecstasy, they are lying or they don't know what Ecstasy is.

The Lady K and JC Show - 2013 How to Tell When Someone Is Lying 1-4 was released on: USA: 5 February 2013

If you say someone is lying it is the same as calling them a liar. If you say they are mistaken then you are saying that they are misinformed.

Usually you can tell if someone is lying by the look on his/her face, they either look too serious or they are slightly smirking.

You know if someone is lying because they do a nerves thing and they would say it in a voice they don't normally speak

Maggie has the power to tell if someone is lying. Charles also has the power to tell if someone is lying.

How do you know if a man is lying to you about being a virgin?

Answer to know if someone is lying ask them what they told you a half hour ago and if they say something totally diffrent cause they dont remember what they told you the first time they are lying

The difference is mainly in implication. If you say someone is lying, you are saying he is lying right now; if you call someone a liar, you are implying that he lies all the time.It's a pretty subtle distinction, and someone could certainly be offended in either case, especially if they weren'tlying.

Look them in the eye and ask,"is that true!" then if they avoid eye-contact or smile then they are lying.

It is when you can't stop lying, even if you don't want to lie.A compulsive liar is someone who can't resist lying, even when there is no reson to.

Yes. That is how polygraphs determine if someone is lying. With practise, you can learn to control your heart rate while lying.

Someone who is a pathological liar will like to everyone. They will not stop lying without extensive forms of therapy.

If you are lying about seeing someone else when you shouldn't be the it's cheating. If you are lying so you don't hurt someone's feelings or you're lying to protect yourself from something you did wrong it is not cheating.

It is nearly impossible to tell if someone is lying through a text message. So you should either call the person or ask them in person

Not in the USA. I wish it was!Answer:Lying to a police officer can be obstruction of justice.Lying for material gain can be considered fraud.Lying under oath is perjury, even if it is "just about sex".Lying about someone else can be slander (or libel, if you do it in writing).

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