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What is the chemical symbols for sodium and oxidised chlorine?


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the chemical symbol for sodium: Na

chemical symbol for chlorine: Cl (don't know if it's the same symbol, if it's oxidised or not).


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Chemical symbols - Na is Sodium and Cl is Chlorine

Sodium and oxidised chlorine, known in this form as chloride. The chemical name for salt, is Sodium Chloride.

For example sodium chloride, NaCl: the chemical symbols of sodium and chlorine.

Nothing at all. The sodium is fully oxidised in sodium chloride and chlorine gas has no effect. +++ "... fully oxidised..." Really? There is no oxygen in the compound, which is simply NaCl.

The symbol for sodium is Na. The symbol for chlorine is Cl.

Chlorine and sodium are natural chemical elements.

Sodium: Na Chlorine: Cl Sodium Chloride: NaCl

No. Chlorine is an element and sodium chloride is a compound made of the two elements sodium and chlorine.

Hydrogen, chlorine, and sodium are examples of chemical elements.

Sodium is a chemical element. Salt is a compound of sodium and chlorine.

A chemical symbol is used to state the name of a chemical element in a shorter form.

Compounds do not have symbols. Elements have symbols. Compounds have formulas (Latin formulae) that consist of a number of symbols for elements and ions.Some examples:Water - H2O (hydrogen and oxygen)Hydrochloric acid - HCl (hydrogen and chlorine)Table salt - NaCl (sodium and chlorine)Bleach/sodium hypochlorite - NaClO (sodium, chlorine, and oxygen)

The chemical bond between sodium and chlorine is ionic

Sodium and chlorine will react to form sodium chloride. 2Na + Cl2 --> 2NaCl

Sodium and chlorine are natural chemical elements.

Sodium chloride is salt. Its chemical formula is NaCl.

The chemical symbols for oxygen sodium fluorine and nitrogen are O, Na, F and N.

Sodium would lose one electron and chlorine would gain one electron. End of contest. Sodim is oxidised, chlorine is reduced.

Sodium Chloride, table salt or NaCl.

sodium chloride, NaCl. It is chloride instead of chlorine due to chemical naming rules.

The elements sodium and chlorine undergo a chemical reaction which produces sodium chloride. 2Na + Cl2 --> 2NaCl

NaCl sodium and chlorine

salt's chemical formula is NaCl wherein Na is Sodium and Cl is Chlorine so salt contains Sodium and Chlorine.

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