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pellets. Hay. Water. Period. With the occasional treat.

Do not get the Fiesta brand however. It is too sweet.

Get the pellets with only pellets in it.. otherwise it might eat only the non-pellets.

Get hay that is not in cubes.

Water.. just.. plain water. Don't add anything and don't use tap.

The occasional treat:

(don't give them too sugary stuff)

(note: I'm not meaning you can give all of these. just the rate at which you can give each. Do not give 1 raisin a month AND 1 out a day AND .... if you get what I mean..)

(raisins maybe 1 a month)


(1-2 oats per day)


(1 dandelion every 3 days)


(0.5 cheerios a day)


(1/3 slice of dried banana every 2 days)


(1/6 slice of dried apple every 2 days)


(1-2 sunflower seeds per day)

NEVER EVER give them chocolates or coffee. they will die.

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Can chinchillas eat french fries?

Chinchillas require a very low fat diet. The oils and fat in french fries would clog their veins and can have deadly consequences.

Is Rye Grass ok to feed to rabbits- guinea pigs- chinchillas or degus?

rye grass should not be fed to chinchillas but timothy hay is essechal for their diet and health and should be provided daiy

What is a chinchillas diet?

a chinchilla should have lots of timothy hay,pellets,oatmeal oats, and a small treat every day!

How many types of chinchillas are there?

there are 3 types of chinchillas there are 3 types of chinchillas

Will chinchillas get along?

Chinchillas usually get along with other chinchillas very well.

Do Chinchillas hop?

Chinchillas hop

Are chinchillas endagered?

No Chinchillas are NOT endangered.

What is a sentence for chinchillas?

Chinchillas are very cute.I have always wanted a couple of chinchillas.Chinchillas are native to the Andes Mountain range regions of the Southern American continent.

Are chinchillas cool?

yes chinchillas are cool

Male chinchillas are called?

Male Chinchillas

Do chinchillas hop or run?

Chinchillas do both.

What times are chinchillas awake?

Chinchillas are nocturnal.

Are chinchillas hypoallergenic?

yes chinchillas are hypoallergenic.

What is the solution to the chinchillas?

Stop talking about chinchillas! Theyre not interesting and no one cares! Kill the chinchillas that is the solution

Do chinchillas make better pets than rabbits?

No chinchillas are aggressive and rabbit can too but not as much as chinchillas!

What do chinchillas like to do for fun?

making more chinchillas.

What order do chinchillas belong to?

The chinchillas order is rodentia.

Do chinchillas live in groups?

Chinchillas do live in groups

What are chinchillas predadors?

Chinchillas main predators are humans.

Are chinchillas an endangered animal?

chinchillas are in the endanger species

What chinchillas habit?

chinchillas come from the mountains in chili.

What are chinchillas used for?

chinchillas are used for their soft fur.

Are chinchillas playful?

Chinchillas can be very playful sometimes.

What people discovered chinchillas?

A lot of people discover chinchillas. But chinchillas home place is South America, I think a lot of people in South America discover chinchillas.

What are facts about chinchillas?

Here are some interesting facts:Chinchillas are nocturnal - that means they are active after the sun setsChinchillas overheat pretty easilyChinchilla teeth never stop growingChinchillas have the softest fur of any land animalChinchillas have poor eyesight and feel their way around with long whiskersChinchillas take dust bathsChinchillas lose huge clumps of hair if they are frightened or stressed outChinchillas are mature at around 8 weeks of ageChinchillas use their long tails to balance as they leap about

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