What is the circumference of a moose?

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Moose vary in size. The circumference around the belly could be up to 4-5 meters for a large bull moose and perhaps 3-4 meters for a "small" moose.

For a detailed analysis of the circumference of a moose in a simplified and advanced version, check out this guy's note on it.
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What is a moose?

Moose are the largest extant species in the deer family. Moose aredistinguished by the palmate antlers of the males; other members ofthe family have antlers with a "twig-like" configuration.

What is a circumference?

The circumference is the distance around a closed curve. It is used to mean the perimeter of a circle . The circumference is the distance around a closed curve (i.e. a circle).

What is circumference?

The circumference of an object - particularly a circle - is thedistance around the outside of it.

Who is the Moose?

The Moose is an extremely special animal to the animla kingdom, cousins with the deer.

How do you do circumference?

To work out the circumference of a circle, you need to do pi multiplied by the diameter. The diameter is the distance from one end to the other. Pi = 22/7 or 3.141...

What is the circumference?

Measurement around the outside of something, usually a circle or sphere. It is the perimeter of a shape. For instance, the circumference of a circle is the distance around it (2 x the radius x pi).

What does a moose do?

Moose Behavior . The 'moose' or 'elk' is a large species in the deer family. Moose have distinct antlers with palmation, with large, broad tines that are more noticeable in North American moose than Scandinavian elk. . Moose are diurnal. They are active during the day, living in their boreal or ( Full Answer )

Where does a moose live?

Where can I find a moose? . Moose live alone or in small groups. They like wet places. They like the forest. . You can find moose in the US and Canada. love blue dog lol:D

How do moose survive?

there hair actually holds the cold air and there body warms the air keeping them warm. if that makes sense

Is the moose endangered?

No. Moose are listed as least concern on the IUCN red list. They are actually very widespread and the population is high. In fact, there is actually over 2000 wild moose in Anchorage, AK, and there are many moose all over Canada as well, with a high population in Newfoundland where there are no natu ( Full Answer )

What does an moose eat?

Moose are herbivores that munch on berries and flowers in the summer, In the winter, they eat branches and limbs off of dead trees.

What scares a moose?

Some moose's get scared by windy days. But most moose get scared by cars and loud noises.Some moose are not scared of these things. DO NOT get to close to a moose it may trample you and you wiil have a serious injury or even death. Some things moose are not scared of include water, eagles, and squir ( Full Answer )

Where are moose found?

In North America, moose can be found in the northwestern United States, Alaska, and in Canada. In Europe moose can be found throughout Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Baltic States.The three moose species found in the United States are the Alaskan Yukon Moose (Alaska), the Canada Moose (North Dakota ( Full Answer )

Are moose nocturnal?

Not really. Though they do forage into the late hours of night and near dawn, they also sleep during the night and are out foraging during the day.

When do moose have calves?

Moose cows usually bear their offspring about 230 days after mating, usually in late May. Most births are of a single calf, but twins are common and births of three or four calves sometimes occur.

What does the Moose Eat?

Moose will eat willow, birch and aspen twigs, horsetail, sedges, roots, pond weeds and grasses.

What is the circumference of a male moose in winter?

You can actually only figure out the circumference of a circle. But I will try anyway.. The circumference of a female moose in the winter, facing the side, is 1.62 meters. Now, if pi(x)-(3.0*12.42)= 72.81 when x=5*pi, then if x=10*pi, the equation would be pi(x)-(3.0*12.42)= 145.62. Therfore, the c ( Full Answer )

What eats a moose?

Any creature that eats carrion (dead meat) coyotes,wolves,bears,vultures,crows. As for killing and eating, wolves will take a sick,old or injured moose and of course Humans will kill and eat moose.

What is a mooses habitat?

moooses live in the forest near water in the summer time and mountains but in the winter the kinda live in a yard not a back yard but like a long field with their fellow moose frineds and family if u dont understand what a yard is go in youtube and type in moose yard click on the first or second vid ( Full Answer )

Why are moose big?

Because they're all legs, which makes them look big, not to mention tall. They are also dense in muscle and body, which also adds to their size. Males have huge antlers to make them more imposing and intimidating to other males and to impress females.

Enemies of the moose?

People are the biggest thing. Wolves, Bears, and sometimes mountain lions will kill a moose.

How did you get the circumference?

to get the circumference you have to multiply the diameter per PI, which is 3.14.. example:. diameter: 12 cm. 12 x 3.14 = 37.68 cm. i hope i helped you guys .... good luck !!!!!

Am I a moose?

Clearly, you're not a moose: among other things, a real moose can't use their hooves to type on a keyboard. However, it is entirely possible that your nickname could be Moose.

How do you get circumference?

Radius of circle times 2, multiply that by pi (3.14 for easyish reckoning), and that's the circumference of a circle. The circumference of an object is the distance around the outside or perimeter. Different formulae are used to calculate this depending on the shape.

How do you get the circumference of a moose?

To actually calculate the circumference of a moose, you should follow the equations derived by this guy in his note. The calculation can be done with a simple understanding of a calculator and meter stick. Moose vary in size. The circumference around the belly could be up to 4-5 meters for a lar ( Full Answer )

What you circumference?

You circumference anything that is round. (eg. A circle, and oval, etc.) -Hope this helps

How do you get a circumference?

Using a compass and the circumference is measured by 2 times pi times radius or diameter times pi.

What does moose do for your hair?

Mousse can be used for different things. You can use mousse too have more volume, or to make curly hair more defined. Can also use mousse to help stop flyaway hair, too help calm frizz. It often comes in either spray, cream or foam form. Like all other hair products, using it too much can damage ha ( Full Answer )

How you answer circumference?

1) First, Measure the Diameter. The diameter is the distance across a circle. It can be be seen as cutting a circle in half. 2) When the diameter is too large to determine, estimate the radius. The radius can be seen as half of the diameter. Once you picture the radius, multiply it by 2. 3) Now you ( Full Answer )

Is there moose in Mexico?

No, moose are not found in Mexico in the wild but they are found in North America and Canada as well as Scandinavia in Europe.

What are things about moose?

Moose are the largest of all deer species. Males have huge antlers that can grow up to six feet wide. They have a flap of skin beneath their throat known as their bell.

What do moose do in the summer?

In the summer, moose scavenge around for berries and roots to grow as large and strong as they can for mating season in the fall.

Why do moose attack?

They want to be left alone. but Cows(girl moose) will protect their young by any means necessary.

Are there moose in Tennessee?

No. Mooses are only found in northern climates such as Alaska andCanada. Updates: 1/15/14... First, it's "moose" no matter how many.Secondly, here's a link to an article saying there have been... http://www.knoxpatch.com/moose-numbers-on-rise-in-east-tennessee/

Do moose menstruate?

No, moose do not menstruate. There are a few animals, though, that do menstruate, they are the following: bats, shrews, African elephants, varied marsupials, lemurs, hedgehogs, and possibly monkeys/apes.

What are moose lumps?

when you are diagnosed with moose lumps you exprience lumps that grow antlers. this is a noncontagious disease something you are born with. see a doctor immediately when antlers do apear. there is an antibotic.

Is a moose rare?

It depends on where you are talking about if you mean in Alaska, no but if you mean in the desert then yes

How to butcher a moose?

Like any large game, you first bleed the moose so the job won't be as bad. Cut the guts out immidiately before it goes rotten. The liver can be eaten raw as it is! Then cut off the head. Skin the moose by using the knife to cut the outside away from the meat. The limbs should be cut off and the meat ( Full Answer )

What adaptations a moose has?

A moose has horns... etc. that helps them protect themselves from predators or any kind of danger.

What does a moose mean?

A moose is a large, furry mammal, with hooves, and males having antlers, used for getting a mate and "rutting," fighting with their antlers to get a mate.

Are there moose in the US?

Three moose species found in United States are the Alaskan Yukon Moose (Alaska), the Canada Moose (North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Maine, Northern New Hampshire and Vermont, and the Adirondacks in New York), and the Shiras Moose (Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado).

What is moose tipping?

First of all I don't think you will be getting close enough to a moose without significant harm to even touch the 6.5 foot average beast. But theoretically it is the same as cow tipping.

What is a moose metabolism?

Metabolism is the chemical process an organism uses to extract energy from its foodstuff in order to maintain, grow, and reproduce. Moose are ruminants (4 chambered stomach), which enables moose to use bacteria in their rumen to help break down highly lignified forages, such as twigs and leaves. Thi ( Full Answer )

When do moose breed?

October to November is when they breed, and is also the time when they are hunted by human hunters.

Who is Mongo the Moose?

Mongo the moose is a somewhat famous bull calf that lives in the Kenai peninsula area and has been known to frequent Kenai Joes, he was born off the bluff, he is very friendly. For more information concerning Mongo the famous moose just google his name and you can find out what hes been up to and ho ( Full Answer )

How do you you do circumference?

Circumference: The perimeter of a circle I am just going to substitued & for the pi symbol. C stands for circumference The formulas you can use if you are given either the radius or diameter. C=&d (d stands for diameter) or C=2&r (r stands for radius) Since & is irrational, the number we use to ( Full Answer )