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What is the clicking noise whether my heater is turn on or not in my 1999 Ford Windstar?

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it could be a small piece of debris, such as a leaf or a small twig ticking off the fan blades. it happened to me in my 1997 neon and it was a coffee stir stick that fell down the vent, drove me nuts till i got it out.

AnswerIn my case it was a 'lost' toll road stub...

Another very common source of clicking from the dash is a broken temperature blend door motor/actuator

The good news is this is an easy and not-too-terribly-painfully-expensive repair!

See "Related Questions" below for more
2009-11-09 04:06:09
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Your 2002 ford windstar makes a strange noise when you turn on heater?

Depend on the type of noise - a clicking or 'thumping' (like an angry rabbit) is likely to be a symptom of a failed temperature blend door actuator motor.This is the #1 problem with Windstar heat/climate controls.The good news is this is a quick and easy repair!See "Related Questions" below for more

Loud noise coming from dashboard of your 2000 windstar sel van?

Depending on the nature of the noise, when it occurs and more description, it'll be very hard to offer ideas on a cause. One thing that does cause 'noise', is a thumping / clicking when changing the heater temperature setting. See "Related Questions" below for more about that particular problem.

Why does your ac make a clicking noise in my 2002 diamante?

Temperature control in dash by heater core is broke.

What is that clicking noise coming from heater on chev truck?

if its the clicking I'm thinking of its the actuator for the vent door. try shutting off everything off in the heater/a/c system for a couple of minutes and then turn it back on. that usually stops it for me.

Why would a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am be making a clicking noise whenever the heater or AC is turned on?

you may have leaves in the fan

Why does your electric water heater make a clicking noise?

If it is a single click, from time to time, it is the thermostat cycling on and off, and it is normal.

Why does the fuse box in my house make a clicking noise when the heater clicks on?

The clicking noise you are hearing could be the heater is overloading the breaker and it is on the verge of tripping This could be caused by the heater being to large for the circuit. Check the amperage rating on the heater and the rating on the breaker It also cold be the circuit breaker is going bad and needs to be replaced by a qualified electrician These are 2 possible answers you also could have a bad (loose) electrical connection some where in the circuit

Why is your 2000 Ford Windstar heater making a flapping noise and blowing cold air?

there is a actuator that moves the tempature blend door,the door that controls hot to cold.the gears in the motor are it makes a clicking noise after you turn the heater on ,it broke answer a flapping sound is usually caused by a leaf or other matter falling down thru vents pull fan cover off and clean debis out, mostdoors are are controlled by cable or vacuum,not you didnt say a clicking sound i doubt very much it has anything to do with motor or gears

What is that clicking noise on the roof?

Believe it or not we cant hear that clicking noise on the roof, a description will help you get an answer...

What is the clicking noise in the dash sounds like blinker?

what clicking noise in the dash of 1997 mercury marquis

Why does your Ford Explorer make a clicking noise?

it makes that clicking noise because you touch yourself at night

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What noise does a beetle make?

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1999 ford f-150 clicking noise when heater is not on?

Change the blower fan speeds to see if the noise changes. It is possible that the fan is still running while the heat is off, and the fan is rubbing.

Why does the heater behind the dashboard make a clicking noise when the heater is turned on?

AnswerIf it's a rapid clicking sound that becomes more rapid when the fan is turned up high, you probably have a foreign object like a leaf stuck in the blower.It sounds like your Air door actuator or temperature actuator

Why is your 1993 Altima Nissan making a clicking noise but does not start?

Why is your 1993 Altima Nissan making a clicking noise but does not start?

Why is your BCM making a clicking noise?

A bad resistor can cause your BCM to make a clicking sound. The clicking noise can be caused by the relays and replacing the BCM will fix the problem.

What is the sound of a dolphin?

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96 Olds aurora wont start clicking noise from under the front panel.?

If the 1996 Olds Aurora will not start and there is a clicking noise from under the front panel, check the starter. The clicking noise is probably from the starter solenoid.

Car doesn't start clicking noise?

If a car doesn't start and it has a clicking noise, it could be the battery. Another reason it could be is the starter is out.

Clicking noise when accelerating?

A clicking noise, when accelerating, can be caused by a worn CV joint. The CV joint can cause the axle to collapse when it breaks.

Why does Auto air conditioner makes clicking noise when turned on?

central airconditioner makes a clicking noise when running? any idea what to check?

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Why do your brakes make a clicking noise when you slow down?

The brakes may make a clicking noise if the caliper is going bad. I just changed the brakes and the rotors and discovered my car was making a clicking noise. The garage I took it to replaced the caliper, so now it doesn't make the noise anymore.

Car won't start loud fast clicking noise?

A loud fast clicking noise is usually indicative of a low battery or a loose cable.