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Fiji's climate is tropical. Overall, temperatures between November and April (summer) are slightly higher than the winter months, as is the humidity and the resulting tropical downpours. Light cotton clothes are advisable at all times - only between May and October (winter) will a light sweater be needed for nights and early mornings.

However, the weather in Fiji varies considerably between island regions. This is due to the dominant south-east trade winds which traps clouds over the mountains on the south-eastern sides of the larger islands - rainfall in Suva is much higher than in Nadi on the western, leeward side of the main island which is good if you want to experience the vibrant rainforest but not so good for sun-bathing.

Summer - December to April
Summer begins early in December and lasts until April. During this time it is hot and humid (32oC by day) with bright sunny mornings and predictable late afternoon downpours on the larger islands, although the small offshore islands often miss these downpours altogether. This 'wet season' is a good time to come to experience the lush vibrancy of the rainforest - rivers are full, waterfalls gushing and the hills of the larger islands become refreshingly green. The down side is the high humidity, the increase in mosquitoes and the possibility of tropical storms or mightier cyclones.

Winter - May to November
By the end of April, Fiji experiences a more moderate climate. Temperatures are comfortably warm by day (27oC) and pleasantly cool at night (19oC) when a light jumper may be necessary. By midwinter (July), many parts of the country welcome rain - the hills around Nadi turn brown and water shortages occur on the smaller islands. However, on the eastern sides of the larger islands, notably Suva, Savusavu and Taveuni, rainfall is never far away keeping the air clear and scenery green year round.
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Where is Fiji?

Fiji is located in Melanesia, NE of Australia. __________________________________ Fiji is a Republican country located in the South Pacific Region.It is east of Australia, north of New Zealand and west of Tonga. The island state of Fiji is located in the South West Pacific,situated midway between ( Full Answer )

What is the capital of Fiji?

The capital of Fiji is Suva. It is pronounced as "Soovah," and it is on the island of Vita Levu. ________________________________ The Capital of Fiji is Suva. Suva is in the Rewa Province and on the mainland of Viti Levu. The first capital of Fiji was Levuka before it was moved to the mainland V ( Full Answer )

What is Fiji?

Fiji is a country in the South Pacific. The Population of the Republic of the Fiji Islands in 2004 stands at :840, 201.

What are facts about the climate of Fiji?

Fiji is a mountainous region with a tropical climate.It has more 300 islands,many of which are uninhabited. The average temperature is 26 degrees Celsius /78.8 degrees Fahrenheit.It can be humid at times. If you have seen pictures of Hawaii, Fiji looks similar to it.

What is Fiji famous for?

Arts, music, clothing, food, culture, architecture, beautiful landscapes, coral reefs, surfing, nice sunsets.... Miranda is awesome she is so cool and the prettiest girl in the world thats what fiji is famous for.... xoxo gossip gurl

What is there to do in Fiji?

There is plenty to do - really depends on what your interests are.. The mainland can be discovered by guided tours - go see the Sigatoka Valley, Sand Hill Dunes, ride up the Sigatoka River. Northern park of Fiji or in Vanua Levu, explore the waterfalls, forests, birdwatching etc.. Fiji is most fam ( Full Answer )

What are the landforms of Fiji?

The Major Land forms in Fiji are of 3 types only. 1. Mountainous 2. Low-Lands 3. Small Islands

Are there dolphins in Fiji?

Yes.You can see dolphins when sailing between Fiji's two major islands, Viti Levu And Vanua Levu.Along coastal areas in certain parts of Fiji,you can find porpoise swimming close to the shore.Porpoise is a marine mammal similar to a dolphin.

What animals are there in Fiji?

Mammals ; monkey-faced bat & other fruit bats. Reptiles; Banded Iguana & other iguanas. Fish; Fiji Blue Devil Damselfish

Are there schools in Fiji?

There are many schools scattered all over Fiji.There are many primary and secondary (high) schools.There are also colleges (7th form) and a University which caters for the countries of the South Pacific.It is called "The University of the South Pacific" (USP for short). English is the official lan ( Full Answer )

Is Fiji a country?

Yes!! Former British Colony but independent since 1970. Suva is the capital. Total pop. 835,000. Member of the UN, Common wealth.

What do you feel in Fiji?

I fell like I'm fiying in the Air which is so fresh and expresions coming out of it

Who discovered Fiji?

Dutch Explorer - Abel Tasman in 1643, followed by the English Navigator - Captain James Cook in 1774 and then by Captain William Bligh in 1789.

What is the climate like in Fiji?

Fiji's climate is tropical. Overall, temperatures between November and April (summer) are slightly higher than the winter months, as is the humidity and the resulting tropical downpours.-Nathen Fabijancic

Climate in Fiji?

It depends on where you are at, If you are in the western area of the Main Island "Viti Levu" It is pretty warm on the eastern side it is more wet and humid. The north and south is a little bit of both and the island are mostly sunny and warm.

Is Fiji an archipeligo?

Yes the country of Fiji is an archipelago. it is made up of over332 islands and is located in the South Pacific Ocean.

Which continent is Fiji in?

Fiji falls under the Australian Continent and so are the rest of the south pacific. And sometimes it is called Oceania.

Why is it important in Fiji?

Cause some of the stuff we don't have due to the position in the world map. Fiji is an important country on planet earth because Fiji provides some countries with what they don't have or can't produce due to the type of climates in other countries (like sugar and garment). The most important indust ( Full Answer )

Do they have TV in Fiji?

Ya they do but they have Fijian channels they also have radio and gaming systems

Is Fiji cool?

yes it is really cool ,if you go on to a island in Fiji they might treat you as a member and prepare a lovo ,lovo is their traditional food

What is Fiji handshake?

It's a handshake only a FIJI will ever know. ...But yea in reality the handshake is call-return type of handshake. When you approach a FIJI the handshake starts with the two parties clasping hands as a normal handshake would. BUT, person one presses with their thumb, followed by pressing with thei ( Full Answer )

Where is Fiji place?

It is near Australia and Nz but this is a guess. You question doesn't make sense sorry

What is Fiji known as?

Dominion of Fiji through British Occupation until 1970 when Fiji became a Republic. Currently it is the Sovereign Republic of the Fiji Islands.

Is Fiji water made in Fiji?

yes Fiji water is made in Fiji fro an under ground source that's y its so expensive ------------------------------------------ Fiji Water is actually sourced from the earth, to which it has not even come into contact with the earth's air or pollution. It is actually artesian water. That's ( Full Answer )

Who is the god of Fiji?

Majority of Fiji's population is Christians, followed by Hindus and Islam. People serve their own Gods and have the free to do any religious activities as they please.

Does Fiji have desserts?

Almost all continents have some form of dessert, whether it be just fresh fruit or a baked goodie. Usually regions incorporate their local fruits and sweets into their recipes. Fiji is known for it's tropical fruit and many of their desserts are made with them.

Does Fiji have deserts?

All regions of Fiji receive more rainfall than a desert. A desert is defined as having an annual rainfall of less than 500mm. The lowest annual rainfall in Fiji is 1500-3000mm on some outlying islands. On the mainland the annual rainfall is 2000-3000mm on the coast and lowland areas, and up to 6000 ( Full Answer )

What are the Religions in Fiji?

One of the primary differences between indigenous Fijians and Indo-Fijians , with the former overwhelmingly Christian 97.2% nd the latter mostly Hindu 70.7% and Muslim 17.9%. . The largest Christian denomination is the Methodist Church of Fiji and Rotuma. With 36.2% of the total populat ( Full Answer )

Can you buy Fiji?

only if they accept your offer _____________________________ Fiji is a country and therefore it is impossible to buy a country.

How do you vote in Fiji?

The voting system in Fiji is as follows:- A person age(s) 21 and over is eligible to vote, the person has to be a registered voter and can only vote once. People vote according to what they think on which political party can keep their promises and the infrastructure of socities.

What fruit do they have at Fiji?

Mangoes, Bananas, Papayas/Pawpaw, Pineapple, Oranges(Exported), Mandarine, Soursup, Breadfruit, Pear, Sugarcane, Jack fruit, apples (Exported), cherries, grapes(Exported) etc.

How hot can it get in Fiji?

Very very hot. So hot your skin will start ot peel off in clumps and you will soon be nothing but burnt skin and muscle. ----------------------------- Who actually wrote the answer above is so funny!!! Its not as hot as Australia at times whereby they experience 40 degrees and more. It is ( Full Answer )

What is religion Fiji?

Christianity ------------------------- Not necessarily , Fiji has not been declared a Christian country although there have been many articles in the Fiji Times around it. Fiji is actually a multi racial society with people of all different religions free to practice their own publicly . T ( Full Answer )

Are there monkeys in Fiji?

No. There are no monkeys in the Fiji Islands. Travellers should be aware of what types of pets/animals are allowed in the country. The only monkey in Fiji is "Veetee or Viti" and he lives in Kula Bird Park, Sigatoka. He is considered to be the only monkey in the whole of the South Pacific.

Are there forests in Fiji?

Of course, yes there are forests in Fiji. In fact, Fiji's forest is a home to more than 100 different types of shrubs, flowers, insects and are undisturbed by man. ------------------------------------- Fiji is an Island. Bound to have forests.

Who leads Fiji?

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ii is the Head of State. The President of Fiji hardly involves in Fiji's politics but the Prime Minister takes full control in stirring the country.

Do They Have Surnames in Fiji?

Yes, everywhere in the world people have surnames. If you are looking for a particular surname in Fiji try visiting the:- . Births, Deaths & Marriages Department in Suva or Lautoka. . Fiji Archives . Information Fiji Ministry of . Bureau of Statistics

Why Fiji Fiji?

In 1774 Captain James Cook sailed between the islands around Fiji and named some islands now the Lau Province Feejee. Capt. James Cook sighted the islands and called it FeeJee despite that Dutch Explorer Abel Tasman discovered the islands first. The name Feejee was what captain Cook thought the To ( Full Answer )

What is the languuage of Fiji?

British English is the country's main language. Fijian and Hindi is the second most spoken language throughoutFiji.

Allies of Fiji?

Australia that's all i know Fiji is the centre of the Pacific with many allies. One of its greater Allies is China. Australia and New Zealand have sat sanctions against the Fiji Government isolating Fiji and its people. The "Look North Policy" have attracted many investors, businesses, AID and o ( Full Answer )

What are the hoilidays for Fiji?

well some hoidays are , Easter monday,Easter Saturday,boxing day,chrismas day ,good Friday,New years daY,AND MOST IMPORTANT MAWLID.

What is Fiji know as?

Fiji was known as FeeJee when Captain James Cook sat foot on it. The natives called the group of islands Viti while Fiji's neighbour Tonga called the group of islands Fisi. Today it is known as Fiji.

What does Fiji celebrate?

Fiji celebrate New Years Day Prophet Mohammeds Birthday Good Friday Easter Saturday Easter Monday National Youth Day Queen Elizabeth's Birthday Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna Day Diwali Christmas Day Boxind Day

How do you spell Fiji?

That is the correct spelling (but capitalized) of the location Fiji ( Republic of the Fiji Islands ).

When did Fiji get its name?

Captain James Cook named the islands FeeJee after sighting them. Today it is known as Fiji.

Is Fiji independent?

Yes. Fiji is an Independent nation. Fiji got Independence on October 10, 1970 from Britain.

Was Fiji in a war?

Fiji soldiers fought alongside the Allies in the Second World War, gaining a fine reputation in the tough Solomon Islands campaign. The United States and other Allied countries maintained military installations in Fiji during the war, but Fiji itself never came under attack.

How do you travel to Fiji?

Getting to Fiji is easier than you think! From Australia it is only a 3-4 hour plane ride....from New Zealand it is only approximately 2 hours. Here is an excerpt from one of Fiji's Travel Websites which explains flight times and ways of getting to Fiji in detail... . Flights from around t ( Full Answer )

How wealth is Fiji?

funny that i just was talking to the presidant of fiji they said that fiji have 10,000,000 for winning a competition that the presidant came up with :) hope this helps :) or :(

What topics can you use for climate change in Fiji?

Causes of climate change. . Effects of climate change . Why are sea levels rising? . How will rising seas affect Pacific Island countries? . What will happen if Kiribas goes under water? Where will thepeople go?