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Japanese are proud of their four seasons (and a surprising number believe the phenomenon is unique to Japan), but the discerning tourist should try to aim for two of them.

Spring is probably the best time of year to be in Japan. The temperatures are warm but not hot, there's not too much rain, and March-April brings the justly famous cherry blossoms and is a time of revelry and festivals. Just watch out for Golden Week (April 27 to May 6), the longest holiday of the year, when everybody travels and everything is booked full.

Summer starts with a dreary rainy season in June and turns into a steam bath in July-August, with extreme humidity and the temperature heading as high as 40°C. O-Bon (mid-August), when everybody is on the road again, is probably the worst possible time to visit. Avoid, or do as the Japanese do and head to northern Hokkaido or the mountains of Chubu and Tohoku to escape.

Autumn - Fall, starting in September, is a close second to spring. Temperatures become more tolerable, fair days are common and fall colors can be just as impressive as cherry blossoms.

Winter is a good time to go skiing or hot-spring hopping, but as the Japanese have yet to figure out the wonders of central heating, it's often miserably cold indoors. Heading south to Okinawa provides some relief. Also watch out for New Years (December 29 to January 3), the only days of the year when everything in the country shuts down.
Japan's climate is quite dry and sunny along the Pacific Coast and the temperatures rarely drop below 32 degrees.

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Q: What is the climate like in Japan?
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Does Japan have a desert climate?

No, Japan has a temperate climate, not desert.

What is the area of japan look like?

mostly grassland cold climate

Why is the climate of Japan not similar to the Philippines?

The climate of Japan is not similar to the climate of the Philippines because Japan is much further north than the Philippines.

What is the difference in climate from the southof Japan to the north of Japan?

Like most countries, it is warm south of Japan and cold north of Japan. Eg. it does not snow on Okinawa (an island part of Japan)

Is the climate in Japan is the same in the Philippines?

No. They don't have the same climate. But during summers in Japan, the climate is similar to Philippines.

What is the average climate in Honshu Japan?

Here's a good link to climate and rainfall in Japan!

Compare the climate of Japan and Philippines?

c0mpare the climate of japan and philippines are they similar or diffirent

What was the climate like in Hiroshima Japan in 1945 from the bomb?

The climate was no mans land with extreme amounts of radiation causing infertility and birth decfects and even death by living in the climate.

What is Japan's cimate?

Japan has a temperate climate.

Why it is extreme cold in japan but not in India?

It is because in japan the weather climate is different from India's weather climate.

What are the two climate types of Japan?

oceanic and humid continental are the two maian climate types in Japan.

How was the climate like before the bombing Hiroshima japan?

The tempetur was 17 degress celsius normaul

Why is the climate of japan and the Philippines different?

Japan's climate is cold and expiriencing snow,while philippines climate is hot that's why it is expiriencing long summer and drought

How does Japan's climate affect Japan?

The climate affects Japan as it would affect any country. Frequent rains may cause flooding and/ or erosion, etc.

How are the climates of Northern Japan and the Koreas different from climates in Southern Japan?

south has a humid subtropical climate and the korea and north japan have a humid continental climate.

What kind of climate is present in southern japan?

a crappy climate

What are the advantages of Japan's climate?

One of the advantage of the climate of Japan it has a lot of rainfall and sunshine which is ideal for agriculture. The warm and cold currents of Japan leads to the abundance of fish.

How does Japan's geography affect its' climate?

The country of Japan is a large archipelago with a mixed climate due to its geographical position. The southernmost part of this island nation is in a tropical zone and has a climate that is war. The northern part of Japan lies in what is called a temperate zone, and has a cooler climate, with discernible seasons.

How does climate affects japan?

The climate affects Japan as it would affect any country. Frequent rains may cause flooding and/ or erosion, etc.

What climate Zone is Tokyo Japan?

the climate zone that Tokyo japan is in is the humid subtropical.

Why the climate of Japan and Philippines are different?

The climates of Japan and the Philippines are different because Japan is located in the temperate zone and the Philippines are in the tropical zone. Thus Japan has 4 seasons like the USA. Japan has snow in the winter as example and the Philippines have warm weather year round.

The Japan Current is an ocean current that does what?

Keeps the climate of Japan temperate.

When is winter in Japan?

In terms of climate the winter in Japan is from December to February.

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