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What is the climate of Austria?

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It depends on the time of year... In the summer it is very hot, in the fall it gets cool and the trees lose their leaves, in winter there is snow in some parts (mostly the mountains) and in spring it gets warm again.

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Is Austria a sub tropical climate?

no it's probably a continental climate.

What is the Austrian climate?

Austria has a continental climate - cold in winter and warm in summer.

Climate in Austria?

Austria has a moderate continental climate. It is hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Snow can also be found on the top of valleys. Hoped i helped.

What is climate year round climate in Austria?

In Austria, this is the climate year-round Summer- is the wettest with heavy rainfall and thunderstorms winter- you can say that winter in austria is just plain cold. hope it didn't help! (the only reason i put this on here was because my teacher told me to) but, it's true!

What is the climate of Vienna Austria?

average between 15-37'C summertime

What are the countries in a highland climate?

If you mean Europe then: Germany, Poland, Austria, Czech.

What countries in Central Europe have an alpine climate?

Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Germany have an alpine climate either on a large or small scale.

Is Austria located in the tropics or mountainous desert?

Austria is not located in either a desert or a mountainous desert. 3/4ths of the country is dominated by the Alps and has an Alpine climate.

Which country would have higher temperatures year round Laos or Austria?

Laos since it is in a tropical climate

Where is the world's best climate?

The best climate is in Europe (Italy, Croatia, Austria).Another answerKerala (God's own country) has the best climate in the world. Yet Another answerIt's subjective, of course. But at some websites you can define your own perfect climate and find the places that match. (Link below.)

What countries have a highland climate?

Etheopia, Uganda, China, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the USA

What are the temperatures in Slovenia in May?

Generally quite hot, sunny and often humid. The climate is similar to the south of France, northern Spain and northern Italy except in the Alpine parts of Slovenia which are probably more similar to the climate in Austria and Switzerland.

Who is the head of government in Austria?

The Chancellor of Austria is the head of government in Austria.Werner Faymann is the Chancellor of Austria.The Chancellor of Austria is the head of the largest political party in Austria, and is technically appointed by the president of Austria.

Who is the head of state in Austria?

The President of Austria is the head of state in Austria.Heinz Fischer is the president of Austria.

What side of Austria are the alps in?

Austria is to the east of the Alps. The Alps are to the West of Austria. The Tyrol is a mountaious area of Austria.

What is Austria's climate?

On the greater part of Austria lies in the cool/ temperate climate zone in which humid westerly winds predominate; Continental, cloudy; cold winters with frequent rain and some snow in low lands and snow in mountains; moderate summers with occasional showers.

The annexation of Austria?

Annexation of Austria was the merge of Austria into Nazi Germany On March 12, 1938, Nazi parties from Austria and Germany were collaboratively involved in the Annexation of Austria.

Is Austria a monarchy?

NO Austria is no more a monarchy after Republic of Austria was established in 1918.

Can one use Austria shillings in austria?

No, Austria uses the Euro as its currency.

On which continent is Austria?

Austria is in Europe.

Where is a state of Austria?

There is no states in Austria.

What did Hitler do to Austria?

He was born in Austria.

Who fought with Austria?


Is Innsbruck in Switzerland or Austria?

It is in Austria.

What is the national animal of Austria?

Black Eagle is the national animal of Austria.Black Eagle is the national animal of Austria.Black Eagle is the national animal of Austria.The national animal of Austria is the Golden Eagle.The national animal of Austria is the Golden Eagle.The national animal of Austria is the Golden Eagle.The national animal of Austria is the Golden Eagle.The national animal of Austria is the Golden Eagle.The national animal of Austria is the Golden Eagle.

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