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Hey pplz I am back again. The climate in the western region of the US is very hot. Ha Ha Ha...

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What is the climate in the west region?

The answer is it is mildly warm in the summer and freezing below 100 in the winter

The climate of the western region of the US?

The climate in the west region is warm and it has some snow in the December-March but besides that the climate is very warm and it does get humid.

What is unusual about the climate of the western cordillera?

it is the wettest region on earth

How is the climate different in each region of South Dakota?

Eastern South Dakota has a humid continental climate and has higher precipitation than the western part of the state. Western South Dakota has a semi-arid climate, except in the Black Hills region, which also has a humid continental climate.

What is the climate for America?

The climate for the USA differs from region to region. There is a Mediterranean climate on the West Coast, a continental climate in the Eastern USA, a humid subtropical climate in the Southern USA, a subarctic climate in Alaska, a tropical climate in Hawaii and southern Florida, and a semiarid/desert climate in the Western USA.

In what region from the US is California stated in?

which is a perceptual region : the answer is: the rich part of dallas

What are the climate in your country?

India has different types of climates in different region. Like north and east with snow falling, east and south western ghats with huge rain falls, north western with desert region hot and very sunny climate. India is multi climate country

What are the major climate regions of Europe and Russia?

humid continental climate region, subarctic climate region, arctic climate region, and a semiarid climate region.

What is the climate in Washington?

Washington is a state located in the Northwest region of the United States. It has an oceanic climate in the western part of the state and a semi-arid climate in the eastern portion.

What are facts about the western Cordillera in Canada?

Some mountains in this landform region can be as wide as 700 meters long The 2010 Olympics will be held in part of the Western Cordillera, Vancouver, British Columbia The climate of the Western Cordillera is much like the maritime's climate

What is the climate at region 1?

what is the climate in region 1 and province of region 1

How does climate differ between highlands and lowlands?

Difference between highland and lowland climate in Pakistan:Highland climate is the region that includes northern, north-western and western highlands. The winters are long, cold and snowy and the summers remain short and mild.Lowland climate is the region that includes the whole of the Indus Plain except the coastal areas. Most parts of the Indus Plain lie at the western end of the tropical monsoon zone. It has arid and extreme climate with hot summers, cool winters and summer monsoon rainfall.

What is the term for a climate in a specific region that varies from the climate surrounding the region?

A local climate?

What climate region is Ottawa in?

It is located in the Boreal Climate region

One named river in the western region and one named mountain in the western region?

Connecticut river is in the Western region. Mountain Lassen is in the Western region.

Why is mid western development region of nepal very dry?

The Mid-Western development Region is very dry due to climate and rocky landscape, this development region suffers from famine. This development region is also called a food-deficit region. Like other development region, it is hot in Terai, Mild in the hills and cold in the mountains.

What climate region is the Taiga shield located on?

Taiga climate region

What was the climate of the southwest region?

the climate of the southwest region is hot and dry

What climate region dominates most of Northern Africa?

Arid climate region dominates most of Northern Africa.

What factors affects the climate of the great plains region?

what factors affect the climate of the great climate region

How many lakes are in the western region?

there are about 8 in the western region

The of a region is the long term weather of that region A rain?

The word you're looking for is... climate.

What climate region is Vancouver in?

Vancouver is located in the Pacific Maritime climate region.

What is the term for a climate in a specific region that varies from the climate to the surrounding region?


One airport or port in the western region?

There are a few airports in the Western region. he most popular airport in the Western region is Youngstown.

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