The Crucible (play)

What is the climax of act 1 in The Crucible by Arthur Miller?


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when tituba starts confessing!

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Act three mainly takes place in the court house.

At the end of the act, Betty and Abagail are crying out who they saw with the devil.

to try and saved those condemed to death by hanging by an unjust trial of the act witchcraft

Go to Salem and tell the court Abigale said that it were all sport.

Proctor is given the options of either confessing to witchcraft or death.

proctor vows he will confront abigail

Hale's mission is to get the prisoners to confess to witchcraft so they can live. He wants to put a stop to the hangings.

Giles Corey. His wife is then accused of witchcraft because of this. Hence why he goes to plead with Governor Danforth in Act 3 of 'The Crucible'

She has to talk to Proctor alone after danforth tells her to but, i dont know why im still tryin to figure that out.

In Act III, scene i of The Crucible, Abigail accuses Mary of lying in her testimony because she wants to keep her own ruse going. She still hopes that somehow, these false...

When John Proctor rips up the paper in a heated moment.

The Crucible is a play written by Arthur Miller about the Salem witch trials. In this play, Mary Warren is brought into court to testify on the behalf of Elizabeth Proctor during the third act.

she wants him to go to Abbigail so she Abbigail will decide not to accuse Elizabeth anymore ~actually it's to go to her and break any promises or hope that he'll sleep with her

bigail Steals 31 pounds of her father money leaving him broke and runs away. they thik she and her friend twere spending the night at each others house but really they jumped on a ship and there is a rumor that she is a prostitue in Boston

We just got done reading the crucible and no it did not rain in act one of the play..

they had an affair. John wants to act like it never happened, while Abigail wants him never forget it. john even goes on to say that he would cut off his arm before he touched Abigail again.

No one is really sure at this point in act one, but everyone thinks it's because she's "bewitched." In the story they never give you a sure fire answer like; Betty is in this trans because for whatever reason so its because she is said to be "bewitched"

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