The Crucible (play)

What is the climax of act 4 in the crucible?


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When John Proctor rips up the paper in a heated moment.

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proctor vows he will confront abigail

The climax is when John Proctor admits his adultry with Abigail.

there is much confusion and disagreement in the town

The crucible what explaination does cheever give for parris' mad look?

We just got done reading the crucible and no it did not rain in act one of the play..

The condition of Salem in The Crucible, Act 4 was very tense. In the discussion of Parris and the cows, you can see that the town is really disrupted.

Abigail runs away and there are rumors she becomes a prostitute in Boston.

to try and saved those condemed to death by hanging by an unjust trial of the act witchcraft

In act 3, most people say scene 1, but the whole act is the falling action, the result of the climax.

His confession, which he refuses to sign. He would rather be hanged than to admit to something that he did not do.

In Act 4 of The Crucible, Danforth summons Elizabeth Proctor because John Proctor stated that Elizabeth never lies. Danforth wants her to confirm John's story.

Act III. But that is only because "climax" is defined as "Act III of a Shakespearean play" in the Freytag Pyramid theory of the structure of a Shakespeare play.

Abigail Williams is the protagonist of THE CRUCIBLE. She is the one who gets the ball rolling about the whole witchcraft and witch hunting. She is the person who pushes the story forward to a climax and even a resolution.

the setting is in the Salem meeting house

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