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If you are talking about the Atlantic, probably Jekyll Island.

Not quite. While Jekyll Island is my preferred destination in GA, there are a couple of beaches that are closer to the ATL:

259 Miles, approx. 4.5 hours, Wilmington Island, GA, which is close to Savannah

280 Miles, approx. 4.5 hours, Hilton Head, SC

290 Miles, approx. 5.5 hours, JEKYLL ISLAND, GA (If you have a heavy foot you can do this one in about 5 hours easy. I make it in 5.5 and I live an hour north of ATL)

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Q: What is the closest beach to Atlanta Georgia?
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What Alabama beach is closest to Atlanta?

St. Simons Island, Georgia is very closed beach to the Atlanta.

Where is the closest coastal city from Atlanta Georgia?

Savannah is the coastal city that is closest from Atlanta Georgia.

Where is the closest snow to Atlanta GA?

Where is the closest snow to Atlanta Georgia

What is the closest city in Florida to Atlanta Georgia?

Tallahasee, FL is the closest city to Atlanta, Georgia.

What is the closest beach in distance to Carrollton Georgia?

What is the closest ocean beach area to Bowdon Georgia

How far is Atlanta Georgia from the coast?

Atlanta, Georgia is not too close to the coast, but not terribly far either. The closest beach and coast to this city is Tybee Island which is 267 miles away.

What are the closest cities to Atlanta Georgia?

The closest city to Atlanta, Georgia is Druid Hills. Other cities near Atlanta, Georgia include Gresham Park, Decatur, and Hapeville.

Is there a beach at Atlanta Georgia?


What is the closest seminary school to Atlanta Georgia?

Emory University which is a Methodist university in Atlanta, Georgia.

What beach in Florida is closest to kingsbay Georgia?

What beach is closer to kings bay georgia in florida

What is the closest foreign country to Atlanta Georgia?


What city in Alabama is closest to Atlanta Georgia?


Is the Atlantic Ocean the closest ocean to Atlanta GA?

Yes, the ocean closest to Atlanta, Georgia, is the Atlantic Ocean.

What is the closest Florida beach to Atlanta GA?

Shell Point Beach in Crawfordville

What is the closest beach to Athens Georgia?

tybee island

What is the closest beach to Fort Benning Georgia?

Panama City Beach in Florida

What is atlanta biggest shopping mall?

The closest large mall to Atlanta would be Lenox or Phipps, which are both very upper scale malls closest to Atlanta. The largest mall in Georgia would be the Mall of Georgia in Buford.

How long does it take to drive from Myrtle Beach to Atlanta?

How long does it take to drive from Myrtle Beach South Carolina to Atlanta Georgia

What is the closest airport to Atlanta GA?

The closest major airport to Atlanta, Georgia is Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL / KATL). This airport is about 10 driving miles from the center of Atlanta.

How many miles between Daytona Beach and Georgia?

The distance between Daytona Beach, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia is 440 miles.

What is the distance from Miami beach Florida to Atlanta Georgia?

665 miles

What is the driving distance from atlanta Georgia to Virginia Beach?

585 miles.

Which airport is closest to Columbus Georgia?

The airport that is closest to Columbus in Georgia would be the Columbus Metropolitan Airport. The closest international airport is the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta. This airport is around 100 miles away from Columbus.

What US major airport is closest to Savannah Georgia?

Atlanta, Georgia (a major hub) The airport is called Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

How many miles are between Panama City Beach and Atlanta Georgia?

There are 261.050 miles between Panama City Beach, FL and Atlanta, GA.