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Q: What is the clowns key chain colour in ghost motel?
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What colour is the clowns umbrella on ghost motel?


What color is the clowns umbrella on ghost motel 4?

dark green

In ghost motel what color is the neckless?

pink is the colour of the necklace

In Ghost Motel 4 what color is the clowns umbrella?

its a green color its next to the bench in the bus stop

Ghost motel 4 what the clown left in the park?

Ghost Motel is a series of interactive games in which the character goes through an adventure in which they interact with other characters in the games. In Ghost Motel 4, the clown left a key on a chain in the park.

What the clown leave in the park in Ghost motel 4?

a key on a chain

What item in ghost motel 4 did the clown leave at the park?

It was a key chain

What item did the clown lose at the park in ghost motel 4?

a key on a key chain

What website has the game ghost motel 12?

Ghost motel 12 is not available yet

What is the biggest motel chain in America?

Motel 6 is the largest motel chain in America with almost 900 motels. Their website is

Is there a ghost motel 12?


Answers of ghost motel 11 how many ghost are dancing in ballroom?


What are the features of the hotels in the chain Motel 6?

There are many features of the hotels in the hotel chain Motel 6. The best features of Motel 6 hotels is the complimentary breakfasts they offer and the excellent room service.

Where do you get the violin on ghost story island?

In the motel

Ghost motel 11 which meal was served in the dinning table?


What is the favorite food for the clown in ghost motel 4?


What is the correct flower in ghost motel 6?

It is the 14th one

What color is the clown's umbrella on ghost motel 4?


What is the umbrella color for the clown in ghost motel 4?


What hotel group owns Motel 8?

Motel 8 is a well known international motel chain that offers economical rooms. This particular company is owned by the Super 8 Worldwide corporation.

What are some good rated motels in Duluth?

According to the website Trip Advisor, some good rated motels in Duluth are the Motel 6 chain, Allyndale Motel, the Super 8 chain, the Days Inn and the Comfort Inn.

What are some cheap motels in Milwaukee?

Some of the cheap motels listed in the yellow pages for Milwaukee are the Rodeway Inn, the Suburban Motel, and the Golden Key Motel. Also the Super 8 Motel which is part of a chain over the U.S.

What are the characteristics of the hotel 6 chain?

The hotel 6 chain is known as the Motel 6 chain. This is a budget chain and it focuses on customers who want lengthy stays instead of just one or two nights.

Where do the Los Angeles Angels stay when they play in Cleveland?

They stay at the same motel chain the Cleveland Red Sox stay in while visiting California The Motel 11

What letter was in the grandfather clock in ghost motel 11?

The letter "R" is engraved inside of the Grandfather Clock!