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== == an action replay is device that u have to buy there is no code for it!

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How can you get a Mew in Pokemon Emerald?

Gameshark or action replay

How do you enter codes on Pokemon emerald?

with an action replay or gameshark

How do you get the regi dolls on Pokemon emerald?

You need Action Replay or Gameshark

Pokemon emerald gameshark code for vba?

I'd Suggest Puting Action Reply Codes Google Search emerald action replay

Master ball cheats without action replay or gameshark In Ruby?

It is not possible to do the masterball cheat without a Gameshark or Action Replay on Ruby although it is on Emerald.

How do you get a Jirachi on Pokemon Emerald?

you have to have a gameshark or action reader or an e-reader to scan it on

What is the code for walk through walls in Pokemon Emerald?

Answer">Answer">Answer">Answer">Answerwalk through walls (Pokemon Emerald) works for (Gameshark and Action Replay) 7881A409 E2026E0C8E883EFF 92E9660DBS ITS A VIRUS.. IT WORKS FINE ENJOY :D

Pokemon emerald sprite codes for GameShark?

sorry only action replay can have that code

Is there a cheat for infinite master balls on Pokemon emerald without a gameshark or action replay?

$#@! no

Do you need an action replay to get codes for Pokemon emerald?

Not an AR, you'd need the GameShark.

How do you find TMs in pokemon emerald?

Easy. GameShark. Its an action replay for Gameboys, but its rare.

Is there an action replay or gameshark code to rename traded Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?


Can you trade emerald in fire red even if you haven't got your first badge in emerald?

No, it is not possible unless you have a Gameshark or Action Replay.

Get deoxes in ruby sapphire and emerald?

Yes. However, you can only get it with a Gameshark Code/Action Replay.

How do you get mystic ticket without adapter in emerald?

with a gameshark or try a better thing an action replay

How do you get the legendarie on Pokemon Emerald?

Buy an Action Replay or Gameshark most of the Events have already happened

How can you get lugia in Pokemon emerald without using a ticket?

Get gameshark, which is like an action replay, but for gameboy

Where Do You Get Raquaza In Pokemon Diamond Or Pearl?

Rayquaza isn't available for capture in Diamond or Pearl, but you may be able to get it through the GTS or if you have Emerald, than you can transfer it from your Emerald game.You can also use the action replay or gameshark

How do you get celebi in Pokemon emerald without using a mystery gift or trading?

You can get it by using action replay or gameshark

Can you get cheat codes for Pokemon Emerald Version without having a Gameshark?

Yes you can by using an Action Replay.

Can you get Togepi in Pokemon emerald?

Togepi in EmeraldNo, you need to trade it from Leaf Green Or fire red. you could use a GBA action replay or gameshark.

Can you get deoxis in Pokemon Emerald?

Yes, but you'll need to get a Nintendo Event item called the AuroraTicket. Since the event is long over, you can get it through Action Replay/Gameshark codes.

What is agameshard on Pokemon Emerald?

A Gameshark is a cheating device that is very similar to an Action Replay and a CodeBreaker. GameShark will alter the your Pokemon Emerald Game and its items such as giving you 99 MasterBalls and such as things like that, as well as giving you 9999999 PokeDollars.

How do you you walk through walls in Pokemon emerald without a gameshark?

use an action replay because gamesharks just screw up your game use an action replay because gamesharks just screw up your game

Is there a i cheat for walking throw walls?

Yes, but you will need a type of cheat system such as action replay or gameshark.

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