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It is a track on Free Rider that you don't control. Effectively the track plays itself. The first thing an auto track has a a boost at the start to keep it the same every time. Auto tracks are commonly shared on forums by using the "Save Track" in game option and copy + pasting the code.

No, it's more like a name of a track not a track or "cheat" fo free rider 2.

Google... free rider 2 family guy auto code.I don't know what you're asking about but when I did that results came up.

Well the code if ur going to regester, you will need a valid email acount and type it in and it should say thank you a message should apper in ur inbox and yeah and after look at ur email and find the code

When you select your checkpoint, simply just click where you want to add it.

Contact Helmertz from FR2DB/Canvas Rider and if you want the code. You will have to go the forums to find out contact information. Although, I will highly doubt that he will simply give away the code to you.

You can't hack free rider 2 just search free rider 2 cheat codes but if you want an even better free rider search free rider 2 new vehicles

There are no cheats in Free Rider 2.

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Free Rider and Free Rider 2 were created by Pete.

Search for Free Rider 2 on

Codes are the numbers, letters, and symbols that appear in the save box in Free Rider 2. Example: -18 1i 18 1i## You copy and paste into the yellow folder on the right hand side of the game to load the track for use.

u go to free rider 2 (duh) then you go to the options on the right side and you see an icon that looks like a folder then you click and do your bogas stuff. by the way the cheat codes are just a bunch of fake stuff

Wiki rules prohibit posting websites. If you search with the words "the simpsons view for free" you should get results.

You can't hack into Free Rider 2 unless you have the game file.

You do not download free rider 1 or 2... you go to and play it there.

You can just type up on google watch the simpsons for free and you can watch it for free but it only works on PC.

To change direction in free rider 2 you push the Z key

type in google: free rider 2 not blocked at school :)

first go to save map then click on copy and then the white box to the right, right click on it and click paste then fill in what you want to call it and the dificulty and what kind of vehicle and then submit track.

how can i track a cell phone for free

If its on Sign in then go to your mapsmack sure you know what map it is the click the X if its not on click the garbage can. Hope it helped

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