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On the Kelvin scale zero is considered absolute zero, the point at which it impossible to get any colder.

This is -273.15 Celsius or -459.67 Fahrenheit.

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What is the coldest part of Jupiter?

the coldest part is the coldest part of Jupiter

What is coldest planet?

Neptune is the coldest planet.Makemake is the coldest dwarf planet

What planet is the coldest and why is it the coldest?


Is mars the second coldest planet?

No, Neptune is the second coldest planet (Uranus is the coldest.) Mars is the coldest of the four inner planets.

What is the coldest month of the year in New Jersey?

January is the coldest then february is next coldest

Which of your planets is the coldest?

Pluto is the coldest planet

Which is stronger a solid at its hottest or its coldest?


Which is the coldest continent?

Antarctica is the coldest continent.

What state has the coldest winter?

siberia is the coldest..

What is the continent that is the coldest?

Antarctica is the coldest continent.

What is the coldest biomes?

The tundra is the coldest biome.

What is the opposite of coldest?

The opposite of coldest is hottest.

What is the coldest thing or planet in the world?

The coldest thing is ice. The coldest country is the south pole.

Coldest country in the world-?

Russia is the coldest country in the world. The coldest place in the world is Antarctica.

When is New York City coldest?

On average, January is the coldest month in New York City. February is the second coldest, and December is the third coldest.

Which refrigerator was the coldest temperature setting for the freezer?

The coldest temperature settinf for the freezer is Coldest. That is what my freezer says. All refrigerators have freezers with a Coldest setting.

What is the coldest country in Russia?

Russia is the 2'nd coldest country in the world,north Russia is the coldest!

Why do you think Pluto is the coldest planet?

Pluto is the coldest planet not neptune is not the coldest planet in are solar system

Is the Arctic ocean the coldest ocean?

Yes, The Arctic Ocean is the Coldest Ocean, with the coldest average temperature

What is the hottest to coldest planet?

Venus is hottest Mercury is second hottest Earth is third hottest Mars is fourth hottest Jupitar is fourth coldest Saturn is the third coldest Uranus is the second coldest Neptune is the coldest

What is the coldest country in Europe?

Scotland is the coldest country

Coldest in the world?

Antarctica is the coldest continent in the world.

What is the coldest biome in the world?

The coldest biome is tundra

Coldest month in Minnesota?

The coldest month is January

Which of Earth's atmospheric levels is the coldest?

mesosphere is the coldest