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What is the coldest water temperature a plecostemus can tolerate?


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ours have a tank next to the radiator pipe, and manage well in kitchen. When we do a full water change we add a kettle of boiled water BEFORE they go back in and this seems to do them nicely, they are 2 years old.

The above answer is terrible. Who cares if it is next to a radiator pipe...and what the heck does boiled water have to do with answering how cold the water is. This person wants an answer not a diatribe on your weird water changes. Soooooo to answer the question: A Plecostemus can tolerate in the low 60s, but proper temperature should be above 68.

If you want your Plecco to thrive you will keep it above 75F and you will also remember that it will grow into a very large fish (12inches or more) so it needs a large tank too.

I am a Canadian with a spring fed pond on my property and when they get too big i throw them in there. somehow those south-American catfish can live through the winter! toughest fish ive ever seen! i watched one chase the giant largemouth bass that's in there around the shallows! i think they can adapt to just about anything.


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The coldest the Atlantic has ever gotten was about 9 degrees C and the Antarctic Ocean had the coldest temperature recorded in the world it was -89.2 degrees. Hope that was helpful! =)

The coldest place in the Ocean is in the deep water layer. The water temperature in this zone decreases slowly as depth increases.

Goldfish are members of the carp family, and can tolerate a wide temperature range. They can tolerate water temps in the low fourties or even colder.

Fish can tolerate very little temperature variations.

Zero or -0.0075 Celsius below this temperature pure water is converted into ice.

Because this will make water boiling and human body will not tolerate this high temperature.

Yes the water gets colder the further you go down. Colder water is in diffrent parts of the world. The coldest temperature water in the sea is in the Pacific.

The coldest water in the ocean is the bottom of the ocean.

I believe that is the abyssal zone, because warm water rises and cold water goes down.

No, but they are related. Absolute zero is the coldest possible temperature. Absolute temperature is the temperature above this coldest possible temperature - i.e., how much hotter is it than the coldest theoretically possible temperature. Celsius temperature isn't absolute. It starts from the temperature of freezing water, and it needs negative numbers for anything colder than that. Fahrenheit temperature isn't absolute. It says that zero is 32 degrees colder than freezing water, and it needs negative numbers for anything colder than that. Absolute temperature starts from absolute zero. Nothing is colder than that, so absolute temperature is never a negative number.

No zero celsius is the freezing point of water as 100 degrees is its boiling point

The water bear can survive up to 120 years in -450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Some plants, such as sea weed, can tolerate salt water. But some plants can not tolerate salt water. It varies depending upon the plant.

Low 60s, still chilly to an extent depending how well you tolerate colder water temperatures.

The coldest temperature in the deep ocean is -4 degrees celcious, but the water doesn't freeze because the pressure is so immense. omg my head

Most fish can tolerate a temperature under 68 degrees.

The Dead Sea is a terminal lake that has high salt levels and water density. The water is about 15 degrees Celsius in the winter.

Those clothes are either made of a fabric that won't tolerate high temperatures or the dyes used on them will run at high temperatures. For example wool doesn't tolerate high temperature.

Between 50F and 60F seems to suit them quite well. They can however tolerate considerably lower and higher temperatures.

I have read that some goldfish can live in water that is just above freezing. Although you should keep your gold fish in water that is at least room temp.

The coldest temperature on earth was recorded at Vostok Station in Antarctica located at the Pole of Inaccessibility, meaning it is the farthest from any open water. Because the South Pole does not enjoy this claim, Vostok Station owns the record for the coldest place in Antarctica. You can read more about Vostok, below.

I've read a newspaper article that said 47 degrees in 1984/5.

Celsius and Kelvin scales have the same unit, but they start at different temperatures. 0 Celsius is the freezing pt of water, but 0 Kelvin is absolute zero (the coldest temperature possible)

I can't speak for ALL liquids but in general probably yes. However, water in particular has what is known as an anomalous expansion, as follows. When you cool water from, let's say 40C it contracts as it gets cooler until about 4C when it starts to expand again. Then at 0C it freezes. So the coldest water is at the top (at this temperature range) because the coldest water is lightest.

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