What is the coldest water temperature a plecostemus can tolerate?

ours have a tank next to the radiator pipe, and manage well in kitchen. When we do a full water change we add a kettle of boiled water BEFORE they go back in and this seems to do them nicely, they are 2 years old.

The above answer is terrible. Who cares if it is next to a radiator pipe...and what the heck does boiled water have to do with answering how cold the water is. This person wants an answer not a diatribe on your weird water changes. Soooooo to answer the question: A Plecostemus can tolerate in the low 60s, but proper temperature should be above 68.

If you want your Plecco to thrive you will keep it above 75F and you will also remember that it will grow into a very large fish (12inches or more) so it needs a large tank too.

I am a Canadian with a spring fed pond on my property and when they get too big i throw them in there. somehow those south-American catfish can live through the winter! toughest fish ive ever seen! i watched one chase the giant largemouth bass that's in there around the shallows! i think they can adapt to just about anything.