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What is the color code for car stereo model 16120514

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Q: What is the color code for Delco car stereo model 16120814?
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What is the color code for delco stereo model number 10324040?

what aplicatiom for this radio(car model?)

What is the wiring color code for delco stereo model 16159023?

Do not drive a car that has had any sugar in it. Have it totally flushed ($$$). You can lock your motor!! Note: It is a crime to put sugar into a car!!

What is the FACTORY code for delco car stereo model 09394159 to unlock the raido?

you will probably have to take it to a Chevrolet dealer and have them unlock it

What is the stereo wiring color code for the 806 2001 model?

I dont know

What brand is the factory speaker in a 2000 blazer?

That depends on the stereo. The upper model stereos, I will say usually have "theftlock" somewhere on the face were mostly done by Bose. The lower models just have delco speakers in them.

What are the color codes for a Hyundai stereo amplifier?

The color codes are different depending on the model and year. Your best bet would be to go to a best buy, circuit city, or aftermarket stereo shop and buy the wiring harness for your car. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to install.

What are the wiring color codes for Volkswagen stereo?

You need to specify a model and year. Check this website for the wiring diagram for your VW.

What are the alpine car stereo wiring color codes for model cde-102?

You can go to they will have an archive of old manuals you can download for free.

Color code for wiring diagrams for Pioneer car stereo?

The color code wiring diagram depends on the model. The box should come with instructions if not the company has a location where a customer can download the instructions.

Stereo Speaker Replacement?

form_title=Stereo Speaker Replacement form_header=Bring music to life in your vehicle with quality stereo speakers! What is the year, make and model of your vehicle?=_ What is the make and model of your stereo?=_ Did the stereo come with your car or did you have it replaced previously? = {(),Came with the Car,Replaced previously,Not Sure} What size speakers do you want?=_

How do you find out what a 1955 admiral stereo hi fi is worth model?

How do you find out what a 1055 admiral stereo hi fi is worth model #5m 37 dn

What brand of subwoofer is in the deck of a 2002 cadillac deville base?

Delco 10" or it is a Bose. Base model is likely to be the Delco 10" Free Air 4 Ohm. though. If you look up at it from within the trunk, you can see it plain as day. Delco Part # is: 16246789

What is a delco model 16050460?

Its a Heater & A/C Control Vacuum Control Solenoid Valve

How do you unlock the stereo on a 1996 Saturn?

take and write down the serial number and model number on top of the stereo,and then call a Saturn dealer tell them your battery went dead and now its asking for a code give them the serial# and model# and they will give you a code for the stereo

How do you enter jaguar stereo code?

It depends on which make and model you have.

Who is the Russian model in stereo love video?

Vika Jiguliana

Where can you find the make and model number of the stereo in a 1999 Nissan Quest GLE?

The owners manual will list the standard model number that comes with the car. You can gently remove the stereo and look on the back. The model number will be on there. The make should be on the front.

What is the firing order on a delco remy distributer cap?

The firing order on a Delco Remy distributor cap is determined by the type of vehicle. The firing order is determined by year, make, model and engine size of the automobile.

Honda model number for stereo 39100-sv4-a000?

This is the same model I have in my 1996 Honda Accord

Honda model number for stereo 39100-s9a-a200?

CQ-EH8160AK might be the model number

Can you replace a 2002 trailblazer stereo with later model?

If the wiring harnesses are the same and the physical size of the unit will fit in the stereo's bay, then it will work.

How do you wire your stereo?

I'll need the make, model, and year of your car.

What exact year is model 1P3663 Magnavox stereo console?


Is there an online catalogue for ac Delco parts?

Yes there is an online catalogue for ac Delco parts which is located here: . You enter the make and model number of your vehicle to find the parts number.

How do you connect 93 lebaron car stereo wires to aftermarket stereo?

The easiest way is to buy a wire harness adapter that covers your specific vehicle. They sell them anywhere car audio stuff is sold. It will plug into the wire harness plugs under your dash, and it will include a color coded diagram of each wired and what it is. Then you match them up according to the wires on the stereo you wish to install. If you don't have instructions with your radio, there may be a wiring diagram printed on its case, or just google for a wiring diagram based on your stereo's model number. Remember the wires aren't necessarily matched by color, but by their function.