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What is the color code for the charging system under the dash for a 1988 Dodge Caravan that has a 4 cylinder 2.2 engine?


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2004-06-09 13:12:50
2004-06-09 13:12:50

Hey Edward==Go to AUTOZONE.COM nd install your vehicle then go to REPAIR INFO then to REPAIR GUIDES then to CHASSIS WIRING then to WIRING DIAGRAMS. Then select the proper diagram probably figure 11 and it may help you . GoodluckJoe


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Charging system , voltage too low

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The battery light indicates the system is not charging. Have the charging system checked. If the alternator is not charging, the engine will quit running and leave you stranded.

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The charging system is the alternator which is on and functioning anytime the engine is running. If not, then you have a problem with the alternator.

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Have the charging system checked. The light comes on when there is a charging system problem. it may be a battery, alternator or a battery problem.

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