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my name being ebony , ebony is the colour black or really dark wood

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What is the interior color of the Cadillac Coupe?

The interior color of the Cadillac Coupe can vary. There are many color choices to choose from, such as the Ebony/Ebony or the Light Titanium/Ebony leather seats and trim.

What color is a ebony?


What color is ebony close to?


Words for the color black?


Is ebony a blue-ish color?

i believe ebony is black but im not 100% sure.

What is the difference between the color Mahogany and ebony?

Mahogany is reddish-brown and ebony is gray-black.

WHAT color is ebny?

what colour is ebony

What color is ebony?

Ebony is a very black tree. it is the color of the black keys on a piano.Ebony, (there are several species of trees of the genus Diospyros (family Ebenaceae), is a hardwood that is dark reddish-brown to almost black in colour. Gaboon ebony wood is the most pure black of the them all.

What are the coordinates for the color Ebony?

85, 93, 80.

When a poet talks about the color black in a poem what word does he use for the color black?

Ebon or ebony.

The color ebony is it red?

Black. Hence the song- Ebony & Ivory by Stevie Wonder & Paul McCartney ( both a white & black man)

How do you spell ebony in the plural form?

Ebony is a color, and an adjective. It does not have a plural. Used as the name of a dark wood, it might rarely be seen as "ebonies."

What is a very dark black color that is also a girls name?


Is ebony colour black or blue or brown?

ebony is the color of black. if you want to know more look it up in the might help more.

What color is the darkest oxyn black carbon black or ebony?

oxyn black

Is ebony a color?

it is a darkish gray and black usuallly used in art for shading

What is ebony colors?

Ebony's color is normally a dark blue/black but mostly more black.ebony is also a type of tree which gives a very rare Wood

What is another word for the color black?

Ebony. As deep as Tar, Oil, or the feeling of a funeral. IDK.

What are three changes of ebony complexions that might indicate injury to the tissue?

Tone. Color. Pigmentation

What does the color ebony represent in the masque of the red death?

How the red death kills the other people

What color was Snow Whites hair?

Snow White's hair is ebony which is a deep, lustrous black.

What is ''ebony''?

ebony is the name of black and a very dark wood

What is Ebony in a sentence?

Capitalized, "Ebony" is probably a feminine given name, therefore; a noun.

Who was Saint Ebony?

There is no canonized saint named Ebony. Ebony is a type of wood, not a saint.

What nicknames does Ebony Bridges go by?

Ebony Bridges goes by Ebony "Ollie" Bridges.