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An asteroid is a gray and brown.


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An Asteroid got its color from the dust that was left from collisions with other objects in space.

The Asteroid belt is Black-Brown

An asteroid can be about grayish or a mixture of brown and yellow.

Usually a grayish- reddish color

Mercury is gray becuz an asteroid has crashed into Mercury and made it the color it is today : ]

Asteroids are normally gray but when their age they start changing color to dark red and black.

a dark or light brown with craters which are black in side

It depends on the composition of the asteroid, but generally black or dark gray. Perhaps a little red or orange, if there is any surface iron.

There is no "impact asteroid". An asteroid impact however is when an asteroid hits a planet or moon.

Mercury is basically just an asteroid that came into the sun's orbit. Think of the color of a meteorite. It's that, only much MUCH bigger.

The largest asteroid, Ceres, is in the asteroid belt.

The first confirmed case of an asteroid orbiting another asteroid is the asteroid Ida which is orbited by a smaller asteroid orbiting it called Dactyl; other asteroid moons have been found since.

That's right; Ceres is the largest asteroid.

What is the Definison for asteroid

The biggest asteroid in our solar system is the Ceres asteroid.

The asteroid belt does not have moons: it has asteroids, which is why it is called the asteroid belt!

Main asteroid beltThe asteroid belt

If there is an atmosphere, the light will gradually dim as the asteroid approaches the asteroid.

The asteroid missed the Earth's atmosphere by inches.We will begin asteroid mining soon.

What asteroid? There were several.

a rather large asteroid

The density of an asteroid differs.

the asteroid raced across from Mars to Jupiter

An asteroid is a single piece of rock, whereas an asteroid belt is an area that contains millions of individual asteroids.

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