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The pancreas is light tan or pinkish in color.

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Salmon pinkish colour

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Q: What is the color of the pancreas?
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What color is the pancreas?

The pancreas is a tan-ish pink in color.

What color is a bullfrogs pancreas?


What color is the pancreas of a frog?


What color is a cats pancreas?

i think it's a brownish-pinkish color

What color is a frogs pancreas?

neon pink with neon greean and electric blue/yellow

Which animals have a pancreas?

Mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and birds have a pancreas. Insects and arachnids have no pancreas.

What does it mean pancreas is unremarkable by CT scan?

If the pancreas is unremarkable, it means that the pancreas appears normal.

Where is the pancreas located and how does it look like?

The pancreas is located in the center of your upper abdomen.It has close relations to your stomach and a part of the small intestines called the duodenum, where the pancreatic duct meets the gastrointestinal tract.The pancreas is ~15-20 cm long, and about 4-5 cm wide. It is generally described as having a head (caput pancreas), a neck (collum pancreas), a body (corpus pancreas) and a "tail" (cauda pancreas). The color is yellow-brownish. The consistency is not firm, but instead rather soft. For real look of it, i suggest googling for a picture.The organ itself serves both endocrine and exocrine functions. The exocrine functions involve important partaking in digestion of food. The endocrine is also very important, of which you might know of its production of insulin.

How is the frog's pancreas like human pancreas?

The frog's pancreas is like human's pancreas by, both human and frogs release digestive juices/liquid.

What is a stint for in the pancreas?

what is the stint for in the pancreas?

Is the Pancreas is located in the mediastinum?


What are bovine pancreas?

cow pancreas'

Why would the size of the pancreas increase?

Pancreatitis, inflammation of the pancreas, would cause a pancreas to swell or increase in size.

What is a pancreas transplantation?

Pancreas transplantation is a surgical procedure in which a diseased pancreas is replaced with a healthy pancreas that has been obtained from an immunologically compatible cadavear or living donor.

Who founded the pancreas?

God founded the pancreas when he created man. However if you mean who found the pancreas, It was St. Pancreas whilst operating on somebody in the train station St. Pancreas which was also named after him due to his heroicness on that day

What causes the pancreas to bleed?

pancreas bleeds because of aneurysm of splenic artery eroding into the pancreas,bleed from the common bile duct and bleed from acessory duct of pancreas

Why is your pancreas swolen?

A swollen pancreas is more than likely Pancreatitis, which literally means, "Inflammation of the Pancreas".

What causes stress on the pancreas?

Alcohol abuse can cause stress on the pancreas and eventually could lead to pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas).

What excretes out of the pancreas?

The pancreas excretes insulin

What are the organs of the pancreas?

which organ contains the pancreas

What does grossly normal pancreas mean?

pancreas grossly normal

Who is the patron saint of healing the pancreas?

Patron saint of the pancreas

What organ relys on the pancreas?

The pancreas produces enzymes and hormones which help digest food. Therefore, the pancreas is important to the stomach and the intestines. They both would not function without the pancreas.

Need a sentence for the word pancreas?

My pancreas is aching for some french fries.

What happens to food in the pancreas?

The food does not travel into the pancreas, the pancreas secretes various enzymes into the food, to break it down.the pancreas produces insuline; and helps regurlate sugar in the blood