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What is the color of the sky as seen from moon?


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Seen from the moon, the sun, earth, and stars all hang in a black sky.

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The sky seen on the moon is always black during the day and during the night (with stars) because the moon does not have an atmosphere in which the sun can scatter light.

Seen where - in the sky Seen when - after the full moon.

the moon has no atmosphere, it's light interacting with the gases in the atmosphere that make our sky seen blue. the moon does have an atmosphere. and it has gravity

There's only one difference between the sky seen from the Earth and the sky seen from the moon. The sky seen from the Earth has a moon in it, and the sky seen from the moon has an Earth in it. Other than that, exactly the same objects in the same patterns are seen from both places.

the colour of sky from the moon is blak as there is no atmosphere .

I have seen the color sky blue pink in the sky...

The color of the sky on the Moon is black, always, day or night doesn't matter.

Black, as there is no appreciable atmosphere to scatter the light. In this blackness the stars, earth and sun can be seen.

A new moon can't be seen in the night sky because the sun is shinning on the other side. Remember the moon is rotating.

A waxing Moon can be seen when the Moon is larger in the sky, and is moving from the new Moon phase, and into the full Moon phase. A waning Moon is seen when the Moon is visibly smaller in the sky, and is moving from the full Moon phase, and into the new Moon phase.

The moon can bee seen during the day; it appears sometimes in the daytime sky because of the reflected light from the Sun.

If you have never seen the Moon, look up to the sky! It is not always above the horizon, but when it is, it can be seen very clearly.

The moon revolves about the Earth (in approximately a circular orbit) and thus can be seen at any elevation in the sky.

the moon is always in the sky, but due to the earths rotation it cant be seen during the day.

It can be seen quite clearly in the sky, even during the day. The moon has to be above the horizon in order to be seen. The moon goes around the Earth on a daily basis, so more than half the time it is below the horizon and can't be seen.

the new moon cannot be seen from earth because there is no sunlight hitting the moon so there is no reflection to see in the sky

because all the clouds are usally not in front of the moon

The Moon Is Seen At Night From Earth because, When The Sky Is Dark, So Is The Atmosphere, And The Moon Is Very Bright Compared To The Black Atmosphere, Same Reason The Earth Is Seen From The Moon. :)

mecurys sky is black. about as dark as it is at night time but mercury has no moon.

We can see moon and stars in the sky at night.But sometimes it may not be seen by us because of clouds in the sky.

its because the moon has no atmosphere Earth's sky is blue because the atmosphere scatters the light.

The moon is easily seen in the night sky. You just have to look up.

The color of the moon during the day is faint and white surrounded by the blue of the sky while at night it is bright yellow.

The moon can be seen in the sky during daylight, depending on where it is in its orbit. But, due to the brightness of daylight, the moon may be very difficult to see with the naked eye.

When there is no moon the sky is darker. Stars can be seen more easily. If there were no Moon at all, we would get much smaller tides.

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