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blue, green, and a little bit of white.

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Q: What is the colors of the Brazilian flag?
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What do the colors yellow and green on the Brazilian flag represent?

Brazils flag colors represent the green and gold Brazilian Beetle.

How many colors are there on the Brazilian flag?

To many

What are the major colors of the Brazilian flag?

Green yellow and blue

What are Brazils colors?

The Brazilian flag is blue, green, and yellow with white stars.

What is the name of the Brazilian flag?

The brazilian flag has no a specific name, in brazilian anthem it's called "Lábaro Estrelado", meaning a flag with star.

Who designed the Brazilian flag?

The person that designed the Brazilian flag is Decio Vilares.

When was Brazilian Flag Anthem created?

Brazilian Flag Anthem was created in 1906.

What are Brazil flag colors?

The Brazilian flag contains the colors green, blue, yellow, and white. These colors have meanings: -Green=their forests -Yellow=the national wealth -White=peace -Blue circle=the sky of Rio de Janeiro with the constellation of the Southern Cross

What language is the motto on the Brazilian flag?

The motto on the Brazilian Flag which reads "Ordem e Progresso" is Portuguese.

Which Soccer Jersey?

soccer jerseys' colors are mostly picked by colors on the teams logo or flag (E.g. Spanish soccer team has two jerseys, one red and one yellow and those two colors are found of the flag & the Brazilian soccer team has colors yellow and blue and both are fond on the flag.............. and so on on most of the world soccer teams. :)

What colors are the colors of the Mexicican flag?

the mexican flag has the colors of red and green

Why is the Brazilian flag the way it is?

Because cheese

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