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Q: What is the combination of the safe on Murder on the Orient Express?
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How can you open a safe if you forget the combination?

You can contact the manufacturer of the safe and they will be able to get you the combination. You may need to supply them with a notarized letter stating you are the owner of that safe. Otherwise, a locksmith can get into the safe and change the combination for you.

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What is the combination to Captain Kirks safe?

Kirk's safe combination is 5231. From the episode This Side of Paradise.

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What are the release dates for Safe Combination - 1921?

Safe Combination - 1921 was released on: USA: April 1921

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What are the release dates for The Combination of the Safe - 1912?

The Combination of the Safe - 1912 was released on: USA: 14 October 1912

Prozac and Lexapro combination is it safe?


How do you change a yale safe combination?

how do you change password on yale home safe

Is taking a combination of three blood pressure pills safe?

No it is not safe at all.

How do you open fire fyter safe with combination?

You can contact the safe company and get the original combination. You will probably have to provide a notarized document showing the safe is yours. Otherwise, a locksmith could probably do it.

Where is the combination for the safe?

It is in the computer in Gary's room.

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What is the combination of the safe in Steamworks on poptropica?

it is 0516

What was mr krabs combination to his safe?

Where can you find the combination for a Montgomery ward safe?

I would suggest you contact the company that makes the safe.

What are the release dates for Garfield and Friends - 1988 The Wright Stuff Safe at Home Orson Express 6-2?

Garfield and Friends - 1988 The Wright Stuff Safe at Home Orson Express 6-2 was released on: USA: 18 September 1993

Where do you find the combination for the safe in club penguin?

They have it in the combination store, it is $3.99 plus tax.

Combination for safe in Resident Evil 2?

The combination of the safe can be found in the Police file in the double doors on the 1st floor. The actual code numbers are 2246. Inside the safe depends on the character but they both get a map of the station.

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Yes, murder is wrong; the law forbids it, religions forbid it, and it's not a good way to treat another human being or conducive to a safe and comfortable place to spend our lives.

How do you open a safe without the combination?

plastic explosive

What is the club penguin combination code on the safe?


You got a safe as a gift how do you open it?

you use the combination

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The combination is safe.