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The combination of the three muscles Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius and Gluteis Minimus are called the Buttocks (I guess this is the common name but its often used a technical term). Oddle these muscles are are the posterior part of the Pelvis and act to Extend the Thigh (pull it back) and Abduct it (pull it out to the side). The Outermose of the three is also the larges, glutes maximus, the innermost is the smallest, gluteus minimus and in the muddle is gluteus medius.

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gluteus in plural; glutei?The scientific name of butt muscle is the gluteus maximus/musculus glutaeus maximus.

Gluteus Maximus is the correct name for your buttocks.

The most common name would be gluteus maximus

I seriously think they call it the gluttious maximus... i could be mistaken ... try looking up gluttious maximus. ---- The gluteus maximus.

Butt, rear end, bum, etc.

The name of the muscle is gluteus maximus. This muscle gives shape to your hip.

The gluteus maximus is the Latin name for the bum.

because of the important name it has.

You sit on your gluteus maximus. It is the part of your lower back sometimes referred to as your buttocks or posterior.

Gluteus MaximusLatissimus DorsiSartoriusand yes these are real muscles, and yes another name forGluteus Maximus is bottom

There are more than three muscles in that area, but the major ones composing the buttocks, or gluteal area are: gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus.

The Latin name for either of the large muscles of the human posterior is gluteus maximus.

gluteus maximus ,biceps femoris, achilles tendon

The name for either of the large muscles of the human posterior is gluteus maximus.

There are gums, gluteus maximus, and gallbladder to name a few.

There are lots of leg muscles here are two of the most commonly known, calf and thigh, and here are just a few of the others, biceps femoris, gracillis, vastus medialis, gluteus maximus, there are many more.

Abdominals Erector Spinae Gluteus Maximus Hip Flexors Quadriceps Hamstrings Gastrocnemius Soleus Tibialis Anterior

Glutted Maximus Semitendinous semimembranous bicep femorius

Gluteus Medius (outer thigh). The thickness of it would variate.

AbdominalsErector SpinaeGluteus MaximusHip FlexorsQuadricepsHamstringsGastrocnemiusSoleusTibialis Anterior

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