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Silane Silane


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Silane has the chemical formula SiH4; but silane has covalent bonds.

There is no such compound. Did you mean SiH4 - this is called silane

The common name of this compound is Arsenic Pentoxide, and its systematic name is Arsenic(V) Oxide.

The name of the covalent compound SeBr4 is selenium tetrabromide.

Silane has the formula SiH4.

This compound is tetrafluoromethane.

Silicon tetrahydride, silane.Silicon tetrahydride, often called silane.

The name of the covalent bond is diphosphorus pentasulfide

If a covalent compound with the formula P4S3 exists, its systematic name would be "tetraphosphorus trisulfide".

The name of the compound is chlorine dioxide.

This compound is silicon dioxide.

sodium sulphate But it is not covalent, it is ionic.

This is a covalent compound and the name is carbon disulfide.

The common name of this molecular compound is nitrogen trioxide and the systematic name is Nitrogen(III) Oxide.

Nitrogen trioxide (if the compound exists!).

F2 is fluorine, which is an element, not a compound.

This is a covalent compound Dinitrogenpentaoxide

Fe3N2 is ferric nitride, and it is ionic, not covalent.

HBr is an ionic compound, specifically an acid, with the name hydrobromic acid. It is not a covalent molecule.

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