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According to the Census Bureau, high school graduates make approximately $10,000 more per year than dropouts or GED holders. That's nearly one million over a lifetime.

-Amanda Smith

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What is a sentence with the word dropout?

His son is a high school dropout.

Who wrote Beauty school dropout?

Didi Conn wrote Beauty school dropout.

What is the definition of high school dropout?

A high school dropout is a high school student that has dropped out of high school for different reasons.

How many teens dropout of high school?

Every school day 7,000 teenagers become high school dropout.

What is a high school dropout?

a highschool dropout is someone who does not finish their entire school education because they leave due to not having the skills to finish or who are dis-satisfied so they leave . i hope i answered your question so you understand.

If you are a high school dropout can you be in the army?


What does it mean when someone is a dropout?

When a student in full time education that is over the legal age just drop out of school they are often called dropouts. The definition of the word dropout can be found in many online dictionaries.

Where do high school students go after they dropout?

usually they dropout to go to work full time

What is the American expression for school leaver?


Did Adolph Hitler dropout of school?


What is the unemployment rate for the high school dropout in 2008 for an associate's degree?

3.7 is the unemployment rate for the high school dropout in 2008 for an associate's degree.

What school did don cherry go to?

he is a high school dropout from Kingston

Why school dropout is a major concern?

because the do not do thing in order for the school

Ohio's legal school dropout age?

I think you can dropout after you've passed 10th grade but im not sure.

What is the dropout rate in a charter school?

this long dick

Situational irony at school?

A high school dropout becomes a successful doctor.

How old can you be to dropout of high school?

you have to be 17 to be able to drop out of high school

What is the age of High School dropout?

In the US anywhere from 14 to 19. Basically if you are in high school and you stop going, you become a dropout. That can happen at any point in the above range.

Is dropout one word or two?

As a noun it is one word.He is a high school dropout.As a verb it is two words.One out of every two students will drop out of high school.

Reasons why you dropout of high school?

I have terrible anxiety and depression and its prevelent at high school .

Is Justin Bieber a school dropout?

No he has a tutor that travels with him so he can finish high school.

Which country has the highest high school dropout rate?


Who sings beauty school dropout in grease?

Franky Avalon

Did Bill Gates had a school dropout?

Yes. Two times.

Can you be 16 and dropout of school in Georgia?

yes you can but its not a good choice

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