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the competiton of he barn owl is the other owls.

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Q: What is the competition of the barn owl?
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What do the male barn owls do to the female barn owl?

The male barn owl find foods for the female barn owl.

How do get a permit for a barn owl?

how to get a barn owl permit

What adaptations has a barn owl made?

barn owl

Is a barn owl a reptile?

no a barn owl would be a mammal

Why do people call a barn owl a barn owl?

for the heck of it

What is an barn owl pellets?

it is barn owl throw up

Is a barn owl prey or predator?

A barn owl is prey.

What is the scientific name for barn owl?

It depends on which type of barn owl you are talking about. If you mean the common barn owl, then the scientific name is "tyto alba". All barn owl species begin with "tyto".

What are barn owl hunting styles?

hunting style of barn owl's

What is the silver owl i heard it has supernatural powers?

Silver Owl' is another name for a barn owl. There is plenty of folklore that surrounds barn owls. Some other nicknames for the barn owl are 'demon owl' and 'death owl'.

2 facts about the barn owl?

a interesting fact about barn owls are that female barn owls(a girl barn owl) are more colorful than male barn owls

What type of owl is the owl in the owl and the pussycat?

barn owl

What is the Ecosystem of the barn owl?

The ecosystem of the barn owl is the grasslands. from Peyton Miller

What is the wing span of a barn owl?

the wingspan of a barn owl is 44 inches

Is the barn owl endangered or threatend?

No, the barn owl is not threatened or endangered at present.

What are facts about the barn owl?

Barn owl are the only owl without ear tufts and heart shaped faces.

What does the barn owl do each day?

Generally, a Barn owl will sleep during the day, hunting from dawn until dusk, unless the Barn owl has had a hard time hunting or is looking after its young, when a barn owl will hunt during the day.

What type of habitat does a barn owl live in?

usually, a barn owl's habitat is a barn, as in its name, but they can also live in trees.

Which bird out of a barn owl a thrush and a wood pigeon is a top predator?

Barn owl.

What colour is a Barn Owl?

A Barn Owl has a rich coat with black and white speckles.

What is a closely related species to a Barn Owl?

Some closely related species to a Barn Owl are a Masked Owl , Grass Owl , Greater Sooty Owl , Lesser Sooty Owl andItombwe Owl

How is the barn owl and the snowy owl the same?

No. The snowy owl is Nyctea Scandiaaca, and the barn owl is Tyto Alba.

Who are the owls from Legend of the Guardians?

There's Soren, a Barn owl, Gylfie, an Elf owl, Digger, a Burrowing owl, Twilight, a Great gray owl, Metal Beak, a Barn owl with a metal mask, Nyra, a Barn owl, Kludd, a Barn owl, Noctus, Barn owl and father to Eglantine, Soren and Kludd, Marella, Barn owl and mother to Eglantine, Soren and Kludd, Boron, snowy owl and king of the Ga'hoole tree, Barran, snowy owl and queen of the Ga'hoole tree, Ezylryb or Lyze of Kiel, whiskered screech owl and leader of the guardians, Otulissa, spotted owl and snotty, chatterbox owl in the books, Primrose, pygmy owl, and I don't know the rest. But these might do.

Where does a barn owl normally live?

A barn

What is a common name for Barn Owl?

A common name for the Barn Owl is Barn Owl or just Owl. The scientific name is Tyto alba.

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