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What is the compound word in this sentence?


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There is no open compound in your question/sentence. An open compound word is a compound word with a space in it, e.g. hang out

This sentence is precise. + It is also a compound sentence.= This sentence is precise and it is a compound sentence.

A sentence with a compound word is, He was excited about signing up to play football.

This is a compound sentence, and it smells bad.

A compound sentence is a sentence that contains at least two complete sentences joined by a conjunction (and, but, or) or semicolon (;). The word its is a possessive pronoun. Any sentence that contains the word its can be made into a compound sentence by connecting another sentence to it correctly. "My dog's name is Rover and its fur is brown."

a compound sentence having a word bewilder?

a complex compound word involves using multiple hard compound words in a sentence.

Afternoon is the compound word - a compound word is a term made up of two words. After + noon = afternoon

My father is admonishing me to be more careful or else I will get hurt. This is an example of a compound sentence using the word admonish.

Babysitter is the compound word in the sentence "Their babysitter is dependable even though he is a boy."

A good example of a compound word is bookshelf.

a compound word - but a compound sentence ,

There is no compound word.A compound word is a word like bus-stop.Husban is spelt like this husband

Babysitter is the compound word in the sentence "Their babysitter is dependable even though he is a boy."

There are various compounds in the environment. It is the sentence using compound word.

you can put a compound word into any sentence you want but it has to make sense.(see what i did there)

a sentence with an indipendent clause

a compound is a mater made of two or more element

Water is a compound of the elements oxygen and hydrogen.

"I like to listen to Haydn's six string quartets opus 20, as I find them very relaxing."This is an example of a compound sentence using the word opus. A compound sentence has two independent clauses joined by a conjunction, in this case, the word 'as'.

A compound subject for impact would have to be two words that are subjects in the beginning of the sentence and the word impact would have to be in the sentence somewhere.

An imperative sentence voices a command and a compound predicate is two or more predicates with the same subject. An imperative sentence using the word chic and a compound predicate is: You must be chic and have elegance!

Using the word "embryos" in a compound sentence--such as this one--is a weaksauce exercise for education because it does not teach the meaning of the word "embryos", the use of it in appropriate context, nor the proper construction of a compound sentence, and temps the creation of run-on sentences, as this one has become, upon the addition of this, the almost penultimate, clause, whereupon the original sentence and intent become almost incomprehensible and unintelligible without much effort.This sentence contains the word "embryos", and is a compound sentence.

A compound sentence consists of to smaller senteces joined by the word and,but,etc.

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