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Look up or calculate the molecular weight/molar mass of FeCl3. Then...

40.0 g FeCl3/MW FeCl3/0.275 L = M (concentration of FeCl3 in solution)

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What is the molarity of a solution prepared by dissolving 36.0g of NaOH in enough water to make 1.50L of solution?

what is the molarity of a solution prepared by dissolving 36.0g of NaOH in enough water to make 1.50 liter of solution?

What is the concentration of FeCl3 in a solution prepared by dissolving 10.0 g of FeCl3 in enough water to make 275 mL of solution?

Iron (III) chloride has the molecular formula of FeCl3. Its molecular weight is 162.2 grams per mole. Concentration is moles of solute divided by volume of solution. Therefore, the answer is .224 moles per liter.

What is the molarity of a solution made by dissolving 23.4g of sodium sulphate in enough water to make up a 125ml solution?

The molarity of a solution made by dissolving 23,4 g of sodium sulphate in enough water to make up a 125 mL solution is 1,318.

What is the molarity of a KOH solution prepared by dissolving 1.350g KOH in enough water to make a solution with a total volume of 250.0 mL?

Molarity=Moles of solute/Liters of solution1.350 g KOH = 0.02406 mol KOH0.02406 mol/0.2500 L =0.09624 M of KOH

How does dissolving take place?

Dissolving takes place when you are trying to make a solution out a mechanical mixture by adding a solute (something that gets dissolved) and a solvent (something that does the dissolving) together and when there is enough solvent to dissolve the all of the solute. When all of the solute is dissolved it becomes a solution which usually appears to be clear.

What is the mole fraction of salt in the solution?

There is not enough information to answer the question. It depends on the salt concentration.

What does it mean to be acidic and basic?

Both must be in solution, aqueous, to fit the definition, which is; an acidic solution has enough hydronium ion concentration to hydroxide concentration to have a pH lower than 7.0, while a basic solution has enough hydroxide ion concentration to be at a pH higher than 7.0. An acid and base are different in definition. Subtle, but a real difference.

Why do you add sodium carbonate solution for Fmoc ptotection?

to make the solution basic enough so that NH be prepared for Fmoc protection

An alcoholic iodine solution is prepared by dissolving 4.65 g of iodine crystals in enough alcohol to make a volume of 235 mL Calculate the molarity of iodine in the solution?

molarity = no. of moles of solute/liter of solution no. of moles of I2 = mass in grams/molar mass = 4.65/253.81 = 0.01832 mol M = 0.01832 mol/0.235 L = 0.0780 mol/L

What is the molarity of sodium sulphate in a solution prepared by dissolving 15.5g in enough water to make 35ml of solution?

Get moles sodium sulfate first.15.5 grams Na2SO4 (1 mole Na2SO4/142.05 grams) = 0.1091 moles Na2SO4Now,Molarity = moles of solute/ Liters of solution ( 35 ml = 0.035 Liters )Molarity = 0.1091 moles Na2SO4/0.035 Liters= 3.1 M Na2SO4 solution==================

Is an acid with the pH of 1 stong acid?

Not necessarily. The pH of a solution depends on the strength of the acid and its concentration. Some acids at the stronger end of weak acids can form a solution with a pH of 1 at a high enough concentration.

How does carbon dioxide move from the blood to the alveoli?

Random thermal motion is enough to cause a gas to leave a solution, particularly when the concentration of that gas in the surrounding atmosphere is less than it is in the solution diffusion process, moving from higher concentration to lower concentration. Entropy drives such processes.

What color is a cornstarch solution?

White Cornstarch is clear, but it may make your solution a bit hazy if it high enough concentration. the color of cornstart sulotion is white

How do you prepare a 0.001 solution?

Depend on the kind of concentration it is expressed in. For a 1. 0.001 Molar solution, dissolve 0.001 mols of solute in enough solvent to obtain 1L of solution 2. 0.001 molal solution, dissolve 0.001 mols in 1kg of solution.

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