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The concentration of an Acid is a measure of the Acid material in the Solution, typical given in Moles/Liter.

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What is the OH concentration of sulfuric acid?

That would depend on the concentration of the sulfuric acid.

How can you make an acid stronger or weaker?

You cannot change the strength of an acid, but you can change the concentration of an acid. Youn can decrease the concentration of an acid by adding it to water. You can increase the concentration through distillation.

How do you raise the pH of nitric acid?

By diluting the concentration of nitric acid (and the concentration of H+).

How does acid effect on pH concentration in a solution?

an acid would increase the H+ concentration

What is the maximum concentration level of hydrochloric acid?

36% is the max concentration of hydrochloric acid

What is the concentration of the acid rain?

alot of people say there is acid rain the concentration of this is poo

Why is the concentration of an acid different from the strength of an acid?


Can you have a high concentration of a weak acid?

Yes, you can have a high concentration of a weak acid or a low concentration of a strong acid. The weak acid is still weak, as it is the lower ability to release a proton (H+) that makes it weak (by definition) and not the concentration. In other words, the weak acid is only partially ionized, while a strong acid is fully ionized. Similarly, a low concentration of a strong acid is still strong.

How many cubic centimeters of acid are neutralized by 25cubic centimeter of sodium hydroxide?

The answer will depend onThe concentration of NAOHWhich acidThe concentration of the acid.

What is Concentration of sulphuric acid?

It depends on the acid itself. Sulphuric acid are present in different concentrations. The concentration of a sample of sulphuric acid can be deduced by titration. :D

What is the concentration of citric acid in sprite?

the concentration of citric acid in sprite is 0.4 i got it from a science experiment.

Is it possible to have a dilute concentration of a strong acid?

Yes. The term "strong acid" refers to the degree of ionization in solution, not to the concentration of the acid itself.

What is the concentration of concentrated sulphuric acid?

There are many different concentrations of "concentrated sulphuric acid". It is possible to deduce the concentration of the sulphuric acid by titration.

What is characteristic of a weak acid?

A weak acid is not fully dissociated. You need to use the Ka to calculate the concentration of H+ for a specified concentration of the acid.

Where in the body is the strongest acid concentration located?

The stomach has the strongest acid concentration in the body. It is known as gastric acid and has a pH of 1 to 2 and is composed of hydrochlorlic acid.

Is it necessary to know the exact concentration of oxalic acid to determine the concentration of the base?

yes, the oxalic acid would be the standard acid by which the base is titrated and the concentration determined. if the oxalic acid is 'around' 1M, that could mean anything

What is the range of pH in acid and how this is linked to the concentration of acid?

in pH acids range from the highest value is 6 and if the concentration of an acid is 6 it is concentrated as this value drops the concentration drops

What is acidimetry and alkalimetry?

The process in which we have to measure the exact concentration of acid by reaction with fixed volume and concentration of acid after completion

An acid produces which solution?

An acid has a greater concentration of H+(hydrogen ion) and a lower concentration of OH-(hydroxide).

Is a solution of ph2 a weak acid?

Not necessarily. A solution that has a pH of 2 can have a low concentration of a strong acid or a relatively high concentration of a weak acid.

Is hydrochloric acid a dilute acid?

Hydrochloric acid can be dilute or concentrated. The concentration of an acid does not depend on which acid it is.

How can you change the concentration of acid?

By diluting it with water or neutralising it with a base or alkaline

What is the concentration of sulfuric acid in lead acid batteries?

33.5% sulfuric acid in battery acid

Is the pH value of an acid affected by the concentration of the acid?

Yes, it is.

What is the concentration of boric acid in boric acid ointment?