What is the conclusion for pollution?

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April 25, 2013 9:38AM

Many living things in the environments around the world are affected by degradation, including animals. Animals play a very important role in our environment, and with degradation killing many animals, we are running into a problem. From lack of food, many animals die of starvation. Animals lose shelter and food sources because of degradation. Pollution even we cause can hurt the animals in the environment, even when we just leave plastic pop holders out on the ground, which animals can choke on (Egendorf). Animals are also affected by many kind of pollution, including air pollution which basically suffocates them to death. Animals' shelters and food sources are destroyed not only by humans, but by natural degradation (Hartmann). During winter, salt is distributed on the roads, but some goes on the sides of the roads, and when animals eat plants that are contaminated with the salt, they may get severely sick, or even die (Elena Baca). When there is overpopulation of livestock, that can cause overgrazing, which is a way to cause land degradation (Bromwich). Degradation in areas such as the rainforest cause many animals to not only lose food supply and shelter, but their lives. In the African savanna, people kill white rhinoceros for their horns, and leave the animal carcass dead in its last steps. Now, this species is almost to the point of extinction. Many fish and marine wildlife are killed from overfishing and getting caught in fishing nets and pollution, which cause degradation. Hippopotamuses in Serengeti National Park are at risk of poaching and from competition for scarce water resources because of the growing rate of human population (overpopulation), which causes animals to die and destroy the environment. Many people in places around the world are causing degradation from hunting too much (Addison). If people hunt and kill too many animals, the environment will collapse. Many humans do just not understand the effects of hunting towards the environment.