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Cyclohexane which is a cycloalkanes, has a structural formula of C6H12. It may be written in a condensed form as (CH2)6.

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Condensed Structural Formula: CHOCH2CH2CH2CH2CH3Molecular Formula: C6H12O

The condensed structural formula for the compound 1-Octanol is C8H18O. The condensed structural formula of the compound acetic acid is CH3COOH.

the condensed formula is C6H5CH2CH3 the molecular formula is C8H10

The condensed structural formula would be CH3CHICH3 with the iodine attached to the middle carbon

The complete or full structural formula shows all the atoms and their bonds separately. The condensed structural formula shows the atoms present but does not show the bonds.

Since the molecular formula of Butane is C4H10, the condensed formula is: CH3CH2CH2CH3

Octane -condensed structural formula- CH₃CH₂CH₂CH₂CH₂CH₂CH₂CH₃ Octane- condensed formula - CH3(CH2)6CH3

No: cyclohexane has the chemical formula C6H12 and hexane has the chemical fomula C6H14.

------ The condensed structural formula is simply a shortened version of the complete structural formula. -------The complete formula indicates all of the carbon and hydrogen atoms. The condenced formula groups the hydrogen atoms with each of the carbon atoms.

The structural formula show the position of atoms in a molecule.

Complete Structural FormulaH H H H| | | |H-C-C-C-C-H| | | |H H H HCondensed Structural FormulaCH3CH2CH2CH3orCH3(CH2)2CH3

what is the condensed structural formula and name of ester for 1-pentanol and acetic acid

The formula which only shows the number of carbon and hydrogen atoms present in the molecule without representing the bond present in the molecule is called Condensed structural formula. It only gives a relation between atoms but does not show carbon carbon bond in organic compounds.The molecular formula for hexane is CH3(CH2)4CH3. The condensed structural formula for hexane is C6H12

condensed formula: CH3CH=CHCH2CH2CH2CH3

The condensed structural formula for Cyclohexene is CH2CH2CH2CH2CH2CH2. This represents Cyclohexene as a ring of singularly bonded carbon atoms. Each carbon atom is also singularly bonded to two hydrogen atoms.

The chemical formula of 2,4-dimethylphenol is C8H10O.

Cyclohexane has five structural conformations: chair, half chair, twist, twist boat and boat.

The chemical formula of 1-octanol is: C8H18O or CH3(CH2)7OH.

One version is H2C=CH2 and another is CH2 = CH2

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