What is the conflict in 'Cue for Treason'?

Peter Brownrigg,a fourteen year old farmboy, who lives in Cumberland County in England, escapes from his village to escape death for attempting to attack Sir Philip Morton, a local noble man, with a rock. He goes to Penrith however, soon leaves when he discovers that Sir Philip is also in Penrith searching for him. He hides in an acting troupe's fake coffin. To his horror, the coffin is carried away before he has a chance to escape and is taken away on the troupe's carriage. However, they soon discover Peter hiding and shelter him. During the night, he discovers a boy named Kit Kirkstone hiding amongst them and threatens to kill Peter if he does not co-operate. Desmond, the leader of the troupe, discovers Kit and allows her and Peter to join his troupe. Kit is discovered to be excellent at playing female roles while Peter plays understudy to the actors. After an argument followed by a fight, Kit's secret was revealed. She was actually a girl named Katherine "Kit" Russell who was betrothed to Sir Philip as she was from a wealthy family. The troupe soon after breaks up leaving Kit and Peter to travel to London with the Desmonds. Mr.Desmond,soon after, breaks his leg in a river accident and Kit and Peter were to go on ahead of them while Desmond's leg healed. After a series of ordeals, Kit and Peter find out about a secret assassination plot by Sir Philip and his associates and after several more surprises, Kit and Peter found themselves in the Queen's British Secret Service. They traveled back to Peter's village in disguise after discovering a message to meet in Sir Philip's personal http://www.answers.com/topic/peel-tower. Peter was captured when he sneaked in and overheard the plan. He was taken for questioning on a deserted island but escaped after knocking the guard unconscious. He traveled back to meet Kit and told her the plan. They journey to London where the Queen's assassination was to take place but were quickly chased by Sir Philip and his men. They outran them and met Desmond and the rest of the troupe who were on the road. Peter told them of the plot and of a plan to stop Sir Philip. The troupe dressed up in their soldier costumes and rigged the horses to sound like an army of horsemen ready to attack on his command. Sir Philip surrendered and was taken into custody later by authorities. Later, they arrive in London and found out that the Cue for the assassination was missed. Kit and Peter meet with the Queen and explain the story to her. Peter and Kit get married and have children in their dream home, a lakeside house in Cumberland.

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