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When rapunzel is stuck in the tower and cannot get out

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What is the conflict in Rapunzel?

The conflict is that the witch wants to keep Rapunzel in the tower and the prince wants her to go with him.

What is the problem in the story of Rapunzel?

what is the problem in the story rapunzel

What is the conflict of the short story Dada by morli dharam?

what is the conflict of the short story Dada by Morli Dharam

What is a summary of the short story Rapunzel?

a short summary for repunzel is that one day she finds a prince and they escape

What is the conflict of the voter short story?

internal conflict and external conflict

Why is conflict important in a short story?

Conflict is an important because its the problem and without the problem there is no story.

What language do they speak in the story Rapunzel?

The story of Rapunzel was originally written in German, but the language spoken is not mentioned in the story.

What are the ratings and certificates for The Story of 'Rapunzel' - 1951?

The Story of 'Rapunzel' - 1951 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-G (TV rating)

Who is the author of Rapunzel story?

Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm are the authors of Rapunzel

What is the conflict of the short story wild horses by brian fawcett?

"Wild Horses "is a short story by the author Brian Fawcett. The conflict in this story is about a man trying to catch a wild horse.

What are the samples of short story with its elements?

The elements of a short story are the setting, plot, conflict, characters and theme. These are important parts to developing a short story.

What is the basis of Rapunzel?

Question: 1 What is the story rapunzel about? 2 What are the characters in rapunzel? 3 Why did Rapunzel throw down her hair? 4. How does isolation relate to rapunzel? 5. Where does rapunzel live?

Who wrote the story Rapunzel?

Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm wrote the story of Rapunzel which appears in Grimm's fairy tales

What is conflict in a short story?

your guess is as good as minds

Characters of Rapunzel?

It depends on which version of the story Rapunzel you read but for the most part the main characters are Rapunzel, the Prince, and the evil witch who locks Rapunzel in the tower.

What is the best summary of the short story of the Rapunzel?

A girl gets locked in a tower and a prince comes to save her when he hears her singing.

What is the motif in a short story?

The motif in a short story refers to a recurring theme or conflict throughout the story. For example if the author of a story wishes to portray some idea about the conflict between man and nature, the story may contain several separate instances of that conflict rather than just one such instance.

Is conflict different from climax in a short story?

The conflict is what it is a conflict. A story can have many of both. But the climax is the falling action. So in the tortoise and the hare the conflict is the race but the climax is when the tortoise starts to win

What is the conflict in the short story A white heron?

The conflict in the White Heron is that the characters face a dilemma with themselves.

What is the conflict of Edgar Allan Poe's short story The Oval Portrait?

There is a conflict between the Portrait and the Bride

What is the main conflict of the short story Zebra?

Don't get other people to do your homework.

What is the conflict of a short story?

The conflict of a story has 2 parts. Internal and External. go to google.com and find the answer it will help! or maybe dictionary.com is a nice resource

What is the conflict in day of the butterfly by Alice munro?

"Day of the Butterfly "is a short story by Alice Munro. The conflict in the story is a girl that does not socialize well with her peers.

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