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man versus man was the conflict of the sinigang story

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In Sinigang, Marby Villaceran tells the story about the complexities of family. The main character finds out and has to deal with the presence of her fatherÃ?s son by another woman.

"Sinigang" is a story about a young girl coming to terms with the fact that her father has had a child by another woman, and the death of that child. It uses the f preparing a stew, sinigang, as a metaphor for digesting and assimilating the information.

What is the falling action in sinigang

A conflict in a story means that there is a fiht in the story. For Example: my parents are having a Conflict... ( they arent).

The conflict of each story is usually found at the middle of the story. It is wherein problem arises. The story will end after the conflict is resolved.

A conflict in a story is some kind of struggle

The problem in a story is also known as the conflict.

A conflict is a problem that helps move a story along.the conflict in the story is the problem that happens in the story

what is the conflict in this story Zlateh the goat

The conflict is the problem of the story(is the main problem from the story)

what's the external conflict in the story the bridge

The main conflict of a story is the main problem that arises.

The problem in any story is known as the conflict.

It is the problem in a story. . .

The conflict of the story, or the main problem. Is the interesting aspect of the story and is what the characters spend most of the story trying to resolve. Most stories end with a resolution to the main conflict.

A conflict in the story is the problem. It's just in a more efficient way.

Conflict provides tension and makes a story more interesting.

internal conflict and external conflict

All stories are based on a conflict. If it is a love story the conflict is the things that keep the couple apart. If its a war story it could be the fighting. And so on.

i think that each character in the story has his own conflict, but the main conflict in the story is the secret garden.

The conflict often happens nearly halfway into the story. It occurs before the climax of the story.

It builds excitement in the story

Conflict is an important because its the problem and without the problem there is no story.

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