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Both are warnings of potential trouble.

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Q: What is the connection between a Siren and the ambulance siren?
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What does a siren on an ambulance?

A siren on an ambulance "Wails".

Why ambulance has siren?

why a ambulance has a sirena ambulance has a siren because if someones about to die from being stabedand the ambulance is caught in traffic the person will die so a siren will createa sound that the cars in front can hear they'll move out the way so the ambulance can get to the person fast

An ambulance is going down the street with its lights and siren on the hospital is five blocks awayselect all the statements that are observations?

the ambulance is going to the hospitalthe ambulance has its siren onthe ambulance is moving (:PJHS

Where can one purchase an ambulance siren?

It is illegal but maybe you can buy it from someone who stole it from the ambulance, or maybe the people who build the ambulance siren is kind and give it to you. But it is not legal at all.

How many decibels is an ambulance siren?


Is there a siren on the ambulance police carsand the little police looking thing?

Almost every emergency vehicle is equipped with a siren.

When you are driving and hear an ambulance siren?

yield to the emergency vehicle

Why does the frequency of a siren get higher as an ambulance using that siren gets closer?

because you get closer to the sound As the ambulance gets closer, the sound waves are compressed relative to the person; so the frequency increases.

Name something that has a siren?

fire engine; police vehicle; ambulance

What sound has a longer wavelength a motorcycle o ambulance siren?


Is it illegal to pass an ambulance with it's lights on but no siren in Kentucky?


What is the siren on a police car called?

A Siren....but the different tones of a siren are Wail, Yelp, Hi-Lo, Hyper Yelp, and the Air Horn. Loudness of a siren is between 110-130 db

What is the name of the step up song which the starting is an ambulance siren?

Let Me See It

Why does a paramedic in an ambulance doesn't experience the Doppler effect the siren?

The Doppler effect occurs when someone is standing still listening to a siren going past. If the paramedic is in the ambulance, then there is no Doppler effect for him. It is all relative to who is moving and who is watching.

Why do you think the horn of an ambulance is called a siren?

The word "siren" comes from Greek mythology. In the Odyssey, the sirens were singing monsters that lured sailors to their deaths with their sumptuous voices.

What are objects that have a siren?

Ambulance. Police cruisers and vans. The local school in the case of a fire.

The velocity of sound in air is 343 ms An ambulance is traveling east at 64.9 ms Behind it there is a car traveling along the same direction at 29.8 ms The ambulance driver hears his siren at a?

afrequency of the same as siren frequency as ambulance is the source and the observer this is not Doppler effect problem

How can you make a continuity tester?

you can take a siren from a home security device, not a speaker but a siren cause a siren works of voltage and a speaker works of wattage. take a battery that is capable of working the siren then just put the the siren in series with the battery and then take the two wires and put one on the open side of the battery and the other wire on the open side of the siren. If the siren goes off there is continuity between the two wires your testing if the siren dont then there is no continuity.... good luck..

What is the plural of siren?

Sirens is the plural of siren

Noises that begin with the letter A?

The sound of an accordion is a recognizable sound. An ambulance siren is a recognizable noise.

When you hear the siren of an approaching ambulance you must?

Pull to the side of the road so it can go past you.

Siren in queenstown nz?

Fire department siren.

How are you able to hear the siren of an ambulance on the other side of a building?

Diffraction causes you to hear the ambulance on the other side of the building, even if you can not see it.

Deadly sea nymph srn?

siren i think it is siren

When was Gao Siren born?

Gao Siren was born in 1944.