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What is the conribution of retail sector to GDP?

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What is contribution of retail sector to India GDP?

11 %

What is the Contribution of retail sector to UK GDP?


What is the contribution of retail sector to U.S. GDP?


What is the GDP of UK per sector?

The GDP of United kingdom per sector is 0.3%

Which sector contributes maximum for indian gdp?

it sector

What is retail sector?

retail sector is a market where there is organized methodolgy for the sale of goods.

What is the secondary sector in GDP?


How industrial sector effects GDP of India?

Sectors related to GDP:Agriculture Growth Rate-GDPIndustry Growth Rate- GDPInfrastructure Sector Growth Rate- GDPServices Sector Growth Rate- GDPBusiness Expectations Index Surveys on India GDPIndia GDP and Standard of LivingLimitations of GDP per Capita in Measuring GrowthGDP India vs. GDP ChinaIndia GDP Forecast 2008World Bank India GDPBy Anaya,The Cheesy Animation

What is the contribution of service sector to the GDP of India?

The service sector accounts for 57 percent of India's GDP. The service sector also employs 27 percent of India's workforce.

What is the contribution of primary sector in Indian GDP?

The primary sector includes agriculture fishing and etc. THIS sector contribute product obtain direct on earth. It contribute in GDP less than the comparision of secondary and tertiary sector.

What is the largest sector to the US GDP?


What is the largest sector of GDP?

consumer spending

What is the smallest sector of GDP?

volcanoes eruption

What is the primary sector in GDP?

Consumer spending.

Which sector contributes most to GDP in India?


What is the role of the primary sector in the GDP?

The primary sector is most important to developing countries as more than about 10% of the countries GDP. (estimate figures)

Activity of tesco?

retail sector banking sector

How is customer data integration useful in retail sector?

How is customer data integration useful in retail sector

Is tata present in retail sector?

Yes TATA is present in retail sector. TATA Westside is one of the subsidary of TATA's in retail sectore.

What contribution in GDP of telecoms sector?

1.5 percent .

Contribution of manufacturing sector to GDP?

Secondary sector is the second step of development in any economy

What sector does tesco operate under?

Private sector - Retail/warehouse

What sector does KFC food operate in?

KFC operates in the retail sector

What is the contribution of the automobile sector to India GDP?

Contribution of auto sector to GDP (in %)YearShare in GDP(%)20065.20%2010E7.20%2016E10.40%Source: Automotive Mission Plan (Ministry of Heavy Industries & PublicEnterprises, Department of Heavy Industry, Government of India)

What is the contribution of Health Care sector to India GDP?